13 Gross Things We All Do During Sex

Sex is often seen as a super hot thing, especially in movies and on TV, but it can be all sorts of things. Sex can be embarrassing AF, really awkward, emotional, hilarious, and just plain bad. It can also be pretty gross.

I’m not saying that the actual act is gross. It’s a perfectly normal thing. I’m also not talking about sex being gross in a getting-it-on-in-a-pile-of-mud gross. I’m talking about some of those things you do in the middle of things that you know are a bit gross, but you do them anyways. You know what I’m talking about it. Some of them we can control, while others aren’t so much.

We all have those things that we do that we know are a bit gross in all aspects of life. We do them with our clothes, our makeup, our hair, and our skin, so why should sex be out of the equation? There’s nothing wrong with being a gross girl, and I’m here to tell you that you definitely aren’t alone in being one. These are the gross things that everybody does during sex:

1. Deal with smelly feet.


Hey, shoes and socks keep our feet protected, but they can also make them reek.


2. Never bothering to wash your hands before the hookup gets intense.


It’s never on your mind and it would kill the mood. However, you’re probably thinking about how gross it could potentially be right now.


3. Coughing in bae’s face…or junk.


Tickles come up at the most unexpected moments.


4. Sneezing in bae’s face…or junk.


Sorry, but it happened so fast…


5. Forgetting to put the condom wrappers in the garbage.


It’s not like you left the used condoms around…


6. Gagging.


It’s not on purpose; it’s an involuntary reflex. It comes with the territory. We know it looks a bit gross when it looks like we’re gonna puke because we’ve watched you gag.


7. Running to use the bathroom.


Sometimes it feels like we have to go and sometimes we really do have to go.


8. Sleeping in the sheets post sexy times.


Who has the motivation or that many fresh pairs of sheets to change them after every time?


9. Picking a pube out of your mouth.


What else are you going to do? Leave it in there?


10. Farting during the act.

Hey, it’s perfectly natural. Plus, it’s not like it’s intentional.


11. Throwing a condom in the toilet.


Whoops. At least we remembered to flush…oh wait.


12. Realizing too late you’re having period sex.


It’s not my time of the month!


13. Dealing with dirty underwear.

It happens. It could be yours, bae’s, or both of yours. It could even be some random person’s.


What other “gross” things do you do during sex? Let us know in the comments!

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