38 Of The Best Tweets From 2016

In terms of fun, enjoyment, and fulfilling the basic human needs of most people on earth, the Gregorian calendar year of 2016 did not really have a lot to offer. Much has been said on this topic already–“this topic” being the one of 2016 being a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad year–so I won’t do too much of a deep dive into what made it such a precise and exact brand of awful. (Here’s a primer if you need one, though: Harambe, Vine, Donald Trump.) Still, 2016 did have at least one good component–the tweets.

Twitter is a good platform–the best, some would say–for anyone who might consider themselves to be miserable. And, given that most people were probably more miserable this year than any other, the tweets did excel. And now, as the year is drawing to a close, I wanted to look at the best ones. My criteria for finding tweets was simple–I looked through every single tweet I liked in 2016, and, if it made me laugh, I put it on the list, with the exclusion of most politically-themed tweets, as most of the ones from before the election seem to have been posted with the blithe assumption that Hillary Clinton would become president, and, uh, that did not happen. Anyway, these tweets are funny. So, check out this definitive, objective list of the very best tweets from 2016 right here:

1. This one really, uh, set the tone for everything:


2. This, too, feels indicative of what was later to come:


3. This is important:


4. This, too:


5. Iconic:


6. Relatable?


7. Relatable:


8. I have……….no words:


9. Political allowance made for this:


10. And, uh, this. Sorry:


11. Remember when Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer? A simpler time:


12. Goals?


13. Same:


14. So inspirational:


15.Equally inspirational:


16. Whose school isn’t like this?


17. This is…brutal, yes?




19. Oh:


20. Best use of this meme in 2016:


21. And this one:




23. A palate cleanser:




25. Drake:


26. This says….so much:


27. A light interlude?


28. Who can’t relate?


29. Accurate, probably:






33. Honestly? Me:


34. Lettuce head, indeed:


35. Find the lie? You can’t


36. He did make the sign:


37. Twitter is so beautiful when it leads to constructive human interaction like this:


38. Ah, yes. 2016. you really were…something:

What do you think of these tweets? Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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