13 Unique Gifts Under $20 To Buy Your Dad For The Holidays

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for.  Why? I don’t know, but every year I get my dad some boring gift card that he probably won’t ever use but thanks me for anyway. When you shop for your mom, you know a little bit about what she’ll like because… I don’t know, tbh. For some reason, other females are just less intimidating to shop for, maybe because you feel like you have a better idea of how her mind works. But dads? Forget about it. What do they want? A tie? A fancy beer glass? Something to do with sports? IDK. If this is a mystery to you too, don’t worry. There are some easy and cheap gifts that you can totally get your dad for the holidays this year and he will definitely love them.

First of all, it’s important to remember that your dad will probably like anything you give him because it’s from you. It really is the thought that counts, in this instance at least. Second, your dad knows you are not a full-grown adult with a disposable income, and therefore can’t afford to buy some some fancy new car. He won’t criticize you for not spending a hundred dollars on his Christmas present. Even if you have to settle for getting him some cheap gifts, that doesn’t mean that have to be awful! Here are some unique and cute gifts for under $20 that your dad will actually like, I promise. 

1. A funny mug:


Emergency Dad jokes Mug, $13.00, We Are Paper Plane

Dads drink coffee, right? It keeps them energized so they can do all of their “dad” things like make dad jokes and embarrass you. Speaking of dad jokes, this particular mug has a list of all the best jokes so your dad will NEVER have a shortage of witty comebacks.


2. Some sports socks:


GOAL Socks, $11.50, Sock It To Me

I know that socks are ~lame~ but lets be honest, your dad probably needs some. Get some ~sports~ socks and he’ll be happy! If he’s into sports, of course.


3. A rad dad card: 


Dad You’re Rad Card, $5.00, Dream In Plastic

If you really can’t think of what to get your dad, odds are he’ll be happy with a gift card to a store he looks inside of a funny/cute card. The card makes the gift a little bit more fun.


4. A durable wallet:


Star Wars, $15, Mighty Wallet

People in general could always use wallets, TBH. These Mighty wallets are actually perfect, because they’re made of waterproof and tear- resistant material, which is good for any clumsy dad.


5. A book about something he likes:


Ball sport Trivia, $11.71, Barnes and Noble

If your dad loves reading, a book is a pretty good gift idea. Make sure it’s about something he’ll actually want to read, like a sports book if he’s into that, or a cookbook if he likes to cook.


6. DIY photo frame:


Wooden Picture Frame, $1.59, Michaels

If you really can’t think of something your dad loves, give him a photo of his favorite thing… you, duh. Get a cute frame or even decorate one for a personalized look. They are pretty cheap, so you might as well buy a few and decorate one for mom too. As for the photo inside? Seriously, a picture of you and your dad together would be really sweet.


7. This useful desktop organizer:


Classic Station, $19.99, SkeleterProducts

I don’t know about your dad, but my dad is constantly losing his phone, even when it’s right on his desk. This is a simple organizer that will keep your dads stuff together and always at arms length. TBH, I might get this for my dad this year. He could really use it.


8. A durable watch:



Casio Watch, $16.79, Target

I don’t know what it is about dads, but they love to check their watches, even if they are holding their phone in their hand that so obviously displays the time. Either way, this one is inexpensive and still looks nice, making it a great gift.


9. A cool new phone case:


Golf Engraved Case, $19.99, EngravingsEtc

Even if your dad doesn’t like golf, this store offers a ton of engraved designs, and your dad is bound to love one of them.


10. Some skin cream:


Face lotion, $6.99, Every Man Jack

No offense, but your dad probably knows nothing about skin care. The holidays are a good time to teach him the wonders of skin cream. Even dads need to nourish their skin!


11. A heartfelt key chain:


Leather Key chain, $15.07, TinasLeatherGifts

A key chain is one of those things that everybody needs, but nobody wants to buy. Get your dad a nice key chain that will show him that you love him enough to help him never lose his keys.


12. A baseball cap:


Baseball Hat, $19, Urban Outfitters

Okay, your dad might not wear this, BUT if you tell him that baseball hats are ~in~ right now, he might want to keep up with the trends.


13.  A best dad shirt:


Best Dad Shirt, $8.99, XpressionTees

This is a god shirt for any dad who loves Star Wars. TBH, I’m pretty sure every dad loves Star Wars?


14. A perfect dad ornament: 


Personalized Ornament, $8.00, SweetSomeday

If you really can’t think of anything, a fool proof gift is an ornament. You can buy one or make it for a super personalized gift.
What are you going to get your dad for the holidays? Tell us in the comments!

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