17 Of The Most Inappropriate Cartoon Memes Of 2016

This year was messy. I’m thankful it’s almost over, but the negative effects of the year will forever haunt us. If there was one good thing thing that came out of it, though, it was probably the Honey Bun Baby meme. I am a fan of wholesome, nice memes that don’t offend or upset anyone. Unfortunately, there were many memes this year that were offensive and I, personally, was taken aback when I realized how the internet single-handedly ruined a ton of my favorite childhood cartoons by turning them into inappropriate memes. 

While I would definitely consider myself a true fan of memes, I do think that these have, in a way, gone too far. When you pair a picture of your favorite childhood character with a sexually explicit comment, it is enough to make anyone cringe, even if it’s actually hilarious. Sure, a lot of these memes are really funny, but I can’t help but feel guilty for laughing at an image of my childhood fave Jimmy Neutron being called “daddy.” I don’t know how people come up with this stuff, honestly. If you aren’t afraid of seeing your favorite characters like you’ve never seen them before, check out these cartoons that the internet made inappropriate in 2016, and the memes they inspired. Blame the internet, not me.

1. Shrek

I was I could date shrek???

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2016 was a mixture of love and hatred towards Shrek. On the one hand, the “Shrek is love, Shrek is life” mantra of 2010 still stood, but then Shrek also became the face of everything that was weird and ugly in the world. That is what the movie is about, so I guess it makes sense, but still, I don’t want to picture Shrek having sex. Please no.


2. Minions


Once upon a time, minions were harmless characters from a mediocre children’s movie. For SOME REASON, the world took the minions and turned them into….I honestly don’t know how to describe them. Tiny yellow demons? They evolved from a seemingly pointless character into the epitome of a meme in 2016. I just…can’t.


3. Arthur

Arthur was pure and innocent when I was younger and now that I am older and Twitter exists, he has also become an inappropriate meme. I will never look at him the same way again. 


4. Mr. Krabs

Okay, these Mr. Krabs memes were hilarious until they got messy. Now every time I look at Mr. Krabs, I can’t help but picture an awkward family dinner or uncomfortable sexual encounter. Enough is ENOUGH.


5. Rugrats

Honestly, you can take a screenshot of mostly any of your favorite cartoons and turn it into something silly. This one just so happens to make Tommy Pickles’  mom look drunk AF. That was not a sentence I ever expected to say ever.


6. Max And Roxanne

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this weird recreation of Max and Roxanne from A Goofy Movie but like…why is it a thing? I never really “got” it, but it exploded on the internet last month. I don’t think I’ve ever seen A Goofy Movie, but if I ever come across it, the only thing I will be thinking is “Wow queen, you’re so beautiful.” What does that even MEAN?


7. Bee Movie

There are probably people in the world who, at some point, actually enjoyed Bee Movie. Not anymore! Every type of meme imaginable has been made from this movie that I’m sure half of the world hasn’t even seen. Also, the premise of the movie is a bee having a relaitonship with a human? That’s inappropriate enough. 


8. Timmy Turner

In this world of sin all I need is my gloc and my girlfriend #mood #timmyturner

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Um…what? I have no words. Literally, I don’t know what to say. I know it can be fun to imagine your childhood faves as adults but WHY like this? Does Timmy even have his fairy godparents anymore? Do they know what he’s doing? I don’t want to know.


9. Jimmy Neutron

this is old but still i don’t like this one bit

A photo posted by Jimmy Neutron Memes (@jimmy_neutron_memes) on


A photo posted by Jimmy Neutron Memes (@jimmy_neutron_memes) on

For some reason, Jimmy Neutron became “hot” in 2016. It is the hair? The brains? The robotic dog he owns? I don’t know, but I can’t stand the phrase “brain blast” anymore.


10. Boo from Monsters Inc

Okay but seriously, why. This tiny child did nothing to deserve this!!! Leave my favorite cartoon toddler alone!!!!

What was your favorite inapporpriate meme of 2016? Tell us in the comments!

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