28 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love Sleeping

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy sleeping, but I bet that we all know at least one person who seems to really, really love it. You know, that friend who sleeps so late that it’s practically the afternoon before she wakes up, so sleepovers with her kind of suck. Or that boyfriend who can fall asleep anywhere, any time, no matter what else is going on around him. Or that sibling who literally maks time out of every busy day for a nap. Or, hey, maybe that person who loves sleep is you, and you’re the one who can’t get enough of her cozy, comfy bed. I don’t blame you, dude. Sleep is awesome.

One of the nice things about sleep, especially if you are a big sleeper who snoozes through everything, is that it doesn’t require much, just some comfortable clothes, warm blankets, and soft pillows. Except… there are so many great items out there that can make one’s snoozefest even better. Between plush pillows, big blankets, relaxing items that will have your eyes closed in no time, and random accessories you didn’t know you needed, there is so much out there! You can’t possibly buy it all, so why not ask for some of these things for gifts this year? People need ideas for you, and these are gold! Check out these perfect gifts for anyone who loves sleeping, and get ready to have the longest wish list ever.

1. A Hat That Explains Your Feelings


Dad caps are back, and this one is extra special if you need a few hours before you’re able to be social. Tell the world before they try to speak to you.

Not A Morning Person Hat, $30, Shop Betches


2. String Lights


If you love napping or just hanging out in bed, you need a set of string lights. It’s mandatory! They’ll give your bedroom a nice warm glow so that you don’t feel like you’re totally in the dark even though the harsh lighting is off. These moon shaped lights are extra cute.

Moon Gazer String Lights, $20, Free People


3. A Cute Plush Pillow


Why would one need this? Because it is an adorable pillow that looks like sushi that will prop you up and keep you comfortable. Why do I need to explain?

Soy Happy To See You Pillow, $44.99, Modcloth


4. Tired AF Sweatshirt


If you love sleeping, then chances are, you’re always sleepy. This sweatshirt is perfect for you! It will also look v. trendy with a skirt and tights.

From Phoenix with Love Tired AF Sweatshirt, $50, Shop Nylon


5. Sloth Earrings


Sloths are a mascot for sleep lovers, basically. Why not let them hang from your ears? These are insanely cute and fun and make such a unique gift.

Got The Hang Of It Earrings, $19.99, Modcloth


6. A Cozy Blanket


I know this price tag is a little high, but this blanket is WORTH IT. I have it at home, and it is so soft and warm and wonderful. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cloud. And, obviously, if you love to sleep, you need good sleeping materials.

Plum & Bow Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $79, Urban Outfitters


7. A Bell 


Is this ridiculous? Of course it is. But you know those moments where you’re really comfortable in bed and you can’t get up so you need your parents to bring something to you? Then you can just ring this bell for them. It might make them hate you, but it’s fine.

Temerity Jones Bell, $15.50, ASOS


8. Dream Dust


This is basically a relaxing, soothing vegan tea mix that goes in hot water for the perfect drink before bed. It will also look really cute in your bedroom.

Dream Dust by Moon Juice, $30, Free People


9. A Cool Night Light


This dinosaur lamp technically isn’t a night light, but it definitely gives off a softer glow than a bright lamp. It’s also stupidly awesome. Who wouldn’t want this in their room?

Sight for Saur Eyes Lamp in Sauropod, $39.99, Modcloth


10. A Cute Thermos


Chances are good that if you love sleeping, you also really love coffee. This thermos is cute to look at, really Instagrammable, and also awesome. I have one and it keeps your coffee hot, is easy to drink out of, and not too heavy.

Ban.Do But First Coffee Thermal Mug, $25, ASOS


11. A Cool Beanie


Love sleeping all the time? Then you probably always have a serious case of bedhead. Just get a cool beanie to fix your problems! This one kind of describes everything.

Haute Mess Beanie, $22, Shop Betches


12. Sleep Journali-cant-sleep-journal

Okay, so if you really enjoy a good snoozefest, then you probably get frustrated with insomnia very, very easily. This journal is perfect for jotting out your thoughts so that you can clear your mind to get some rest. It’s a cute stocking stuffer!

I Can’t Sleep Journal, $10, Dream In Plastic


13. A Cozy Nightshirt


PJ sets of long pants and shirts can be suffocating sometimes, while shorts can feel a little uncomfortable when you’re moving around a lot. A nightshirt is comfortable and doesn’t make you too hot. I love this one with the eyelashes!

Monki Keep Sleeping Nightie, $28, ASOS


14. A Throw Pillow That Talks For You


Anyone who is dedicated to their bed should make sure it looks good and is filled with pillows. This throw pillow explains everything, and is very relatable.

Being Awake Sucks Throw Pillow, $28, Shop Betches


15. Nap Queen Underwear


Hey, who couldn’t use a new pair of underwear? Even if no one else ever sees these but you, they’re still awesome.

Boybriefs, $7.70, Aerie


16. A Sleep Mask


One of the most annoying things about napping during the day is dealing with the sunlight. Keep all light away with a sleep mask like this one that looks like cat ears.

Cat Eye Mask, $24, Catbird


17. Sleep Mist


This little gift is so cute and thoughtful. It’s an aromatherapy mist that helps to relax you and calm you down right before sleep. I like to spray mine near my face and pillow.

Little Moon Essentials Sleep Comes Easy Mist, $10, Urban Outfitters


18. Comfy Sweatshirt



Sweatshirts are an essential for anyone who sleeps as much as possible. This one is long, which makes it great for leggings or high socks, and it would make a cute lazy #OOTD picture.

Social Decay Sleepy Sundays Graphic Sweater, $84, Nasty Gal 


19. Slipper Socks


Comfy socks are a must. They keep your feet nice and toasty, and they feel way better than just regular old ankle socks. I know that socks are considered lame, but not slipper socks! They’re in a category of their own.

Aerie Stripe & Jaquard Knee Socks, $5.97, Aerie


20. Sloth Pin


I’m so obsessed with this sloth pin that I might order it for myself. Who needs parties when you have your bed?

Nap All Day Pin, $10, Dream In Plastic


21. A Warming Pillow


I’m so in love with this s’mores warming pillow that if I don’t get one for Christmas this year, I will have to disown everyone I know. Get cuddly and cozy with this hot little pillow.

S’mores Pillow Warmer, $49.95, Smoko


22. A Nice Candle


A great-smelling candle is essential for a good sleeping environment. This one from the Starling Project is perfect – it smells good and it gives back. The price tag might be a little steep, but each candle purchase provides solar energy (which leads to access to electricity, clean water, safety, health, and education) to under-resourced countries globally through philanthropic organizations.

Starling Candle, $55, Starling Project


23. A Fun Pillow


Why wouldn’t you want this adorable looking throw pillow on your bed? This is such a fun and unique gift idea.

Winky Embroidered Pillow, $39, Urban Oufitters


24. Dream Oil


Soothe your mind, relax your senses, and get ready for good dreams with this relaxing oil.

Aquarian Soul Dream Space Wisdom Oil, $12, Shop Nylon


25. Funny Pillow Cases


Hey, it’s true! Nights are great, mornings kind of suck. These would make any bed look instantly inviting.

Morning and Night Pillow Case Set, $19.20, Gypsy Warrior


26. A Sleep Tracker


If someone wants to splurge on you, ask for this fancy sleep tracker. It works with your phone to make sure you’re getting all the rest you might need.

Withings Aura Sleep Tracker, $300, Urban Outfitters


27. Pajama Set


Pajamas are a classic gift for anyone who loves sleeping, and these are especially perfect. Wear ’em together or apart!

Sleeping Graphic PJ Set, $24.90, Forever 21


28. Slippers


Perfect for when you decide to get your butt out of bed, these slippers are cozy and warm and truly like a cloud.

Cloud Slipper, $29, Urban Outfitters

Which one of these gifts for sleep lovers is your favorite? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!

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