15 Best Examples Of The Honey Bun Baby Meme To See Right Now

Over the past month or so, you’ve probably noticed some pictures of a little kid, wearing a red knit cap and gazing into the camera’s lens the same way you might gaze into the eyes of a lover or cherished pet. This adorable child is not Gavin, the main meme-able kid that you’ve definitely seen at least a few times on the internet, whose marvelously expressive face makes for some great reaction photos. This is Honey Bun Baby.

Honey Bun Baby’s name is actually Ashton J. Howell–his mom did an interview with AL.com this weekend to discuss her son’s newfound viral fame–but, presumably, Ashton got the nickname for being the human manifestation of a sweet, sweet honey byun. The premise behind the meme is simple enough–it’s usually used to express the deep feeling of satistaction you get when your crush texts you back or you check up on the cookies you have baking in the oven and see that they’re almost ready–and, perhaps due to its simplicity, it’s just a lot of fun. So, check out the best examples of the Honey Bun Baby right here:

1. Same:

Ain't it a blessing?! #iphone #honeybunbaby #astonmeme #viralbaby #thestruggle

A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on



#babyashton #thanksgiving #baby #comedy #meme

A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on


3. Nicki Minaj got in on it:


A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on


4. Chance the Rapper, too:


5. So wholesome!


6. Not everyone is happy about Honey Bun Baby, though:


7. It’s not that hard to look like Honey Bun Baby yourself, though:


8. See?


9. So easy:


10. Uncanny:


11. Relatable:

#bae #ashtonmeme #cuffingseason

A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on


12. Oh:

#nochill #viralbaby #honeybunbaby #babyashton #ashtonmeme

A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on


13. Thanksgiving mood:

#thanksgiving #babyashton #sweetpotatopie #baby #ashtonmeme

A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on


14. Pretty much!


15. So cute:

#love #bae #viralbaby #babyashton #relationships #friends

A photo posted by Ashton J. (@theofficialashtonj) on

What do you think of this meme? Which example is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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