15 Amazing Presents You Can Only Get In 2016

At this point, there is very little left to say about 2016–a year on the Gregorian calendar that will most likely go down in history as one of the worst years in human existence–that would bring any thoughtful, nuanced, preciously unexpressed thoughts to the national discourse. It was not a good year! I suppose that the memes were good (that is, until they weren’t), and I did realize more things this year than I ever had before. Still, many of the things I realized were the type that might have been better left unrealized–like, you know, the fact that Vine shut down. And a peeled, sentient sweet potato is now our president-elect.

Still, while you might not want to remember everything about the year, per se, there are some things that happened this year that do deserve some, uh, commemoration. And, for what it’s worth, they make some truly great gifts that you could really only get away with giving out in 2016. So, while there are still a few weeks left in 2016, check out these gifts that you can only give out this year:

1.A “realizing stuff” t-shirt:


Kylie might be selling them in her shop one day–in the meantime, make do with this one.

Buy it from Etsy for $16.85


2. A “realizing stuff” poster:


Just in case you need a daily reminder.

Buy it from Etsy from $4


3. Chicago Cubs charm:

2016 was good for Cubs fans!

Buy it from Etsy for $20


4. Damn Daniel pin:


To pay homage to the purest meme of 2016.

Buy it from Etsy for $14.99


5. A “delete your account” sweatshirt:


Is there any sentiment that encapsulates 2016 better?

Buy it from Etsy for $16.99


6. Canada mug:moving-to-canada

Hmm. Maybe this?

Buy it from Etsy for $14.34


7. Evil Kermit sweatshirt:


Thematically appropriate.

Buy it from Etsy for $32


8. Nasty Woman t-shirt:


A reminder of what could have been.

Buy it from Etsy for $14.99


9. “Not my president” pins:


To use to make friends.

Buy it from Etsy for $1


10. Knope 2016 pin:


Just to extend the fantasy.

Buy it from Etsy for $1


11. 2017 calendar:


Technically speaking, you really can only give someone a 2017 calendar at the end or 2016. So.

Buy it from Rifle Paper Co. for $26


12. 2016 ornament:



Buy it from Etsy for $17


13. Another 2016 ornament:


This one is a little more, uh, to the point.

Buy it from Etsy for $10


14. “Shake It Off” card:



In memory of the greatest event of 2016.

Buy it from Etsy for $4.50


15. Snake journal:


Snakes were pretty big in 2016, were they not? Commemorate them with this passport cover. Hiss hiss.

Buy it from Etsy for $30.99



What do you think of these gifts? Are you going to get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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