12 Of The Worst Times People Flirted On Social Media

I can’t say for sure, but I am almost positive that one of the very worst ways to flirt is by doing it in public. You know, like, asking for someone’s number on a crowded subway car. Or whispering sweet nothings in bae’s ear while in a busy, well-lit, family restaurant. Or making out with someone in school, during school hours, in front of a locker that is not yours. (That’s happened to everyone, right?) Then, of course, there is flirting on social media.

This is the worst kind of flirting, I think, because it can come in so many forms–writing on someone’s Facebook wall, leaving a steamy Instagram comment, @-ing your crush on Twitter–and, unless you’ve got some extra-savvy guerilla screenshot-deleting tactics, the evidence of the flirtation will most likely live on in perpetuity. Now, this is bad for the people who flirt online! But it is so very good for the rest of us, because, when it is preserved, the results are pretty great. So, check out these truly disastrous, cringeworthy examples of people flirting on social media:

1. Oh:



2. Who can’t relate?


3. Really, uh, it seems as though a whole lot of people have inadvertently involved their parents in their sex live vis a vis Facebook:



5. No:


6. To be fair, if you are going to be flirting on Facebook, it might as well be over a brownie pic:


7. This is…oddly sweet?


8. This, too:


9. I am guessing that the girl…did not come over:


10. I mean, we all know how this relationship turned out. (Poorly):


11. Bleak, bleak stuff:


12. This is not social media, per se, but it is on social media now, and it sure is awkward. Basically? Just don’t flirt. It’s better that way:


Have you ever flirted on social media? Did it go like…this? Let us know in the comments!

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