16 Gifts That Anyone Who Wears Glasses Will Love

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about seven-years-old; in other words, a majority of my life. I’ve gone from gem toned wire rim frames (holy ’90s), to rectangular frames at the height of emo, to hipstery AF frames, and now trying to cop some frames that will make me look like a black Harry Potter. I’ve had glasses that broke that I tried to repair with glue (it didn’t last long) and glasses that were launched off of my face and absolutely destroyed thanks to a mosh pit. I’ve worn cheap glasses and pricey glasses, and glasses that–regardless of price–make me cringe whenever I look back at photos of myself wearing them. I’ve experienced almost everything that a glasses wearer can experience, and if you’ve also spent most of your life wearing them too, you know that at a certain point, glasses can kind of feel like they’re a part of your identity. That’s why it feels like such a big deal when (or if) you decide to make the leap to contacts. Are we sell outs? Have we really bought into the notion that we’ll look better without glasses? Are our glasses wearing days over?

Well, luckily, it’s not that deep. Over the past year and a bit, I’ve finally made the leap to wearing contacts pretty regularly. I’m not going to lie, I love having a little more stylistic freedom, I can finally wear sunglasses, and I don’t have to worry about cleaning my lenses every day. But, contacts aren’t a cure-all: they’re expensive, it can be a challenge to work on a computer for very long without straining the hell out of your eyes (cue headache), and sometimes they just make your eyes feel funky. At the end of the day, I can’t give up my glasses completely. They’re easy to throw on and they can look really cute!

Whether you’re rocking glasses full-time or part-time, you’re a glasses wearer, and there’s no shame in it. So show some pride and treat yourself (or another glasses wearer in your life) with these 16 cute and practical gifts that every glasses wearer will love.

1.  Black Glasses Necklace

black glasses necklace LemonPipJewellery

Minimalist, teeny, and pretty damn cute, this necklace looks great paired with a sweater. It would make for a nice lil’ stocking stuffer.

Buy it from Lemon Pip via Etsy for $6.51.


2. Warby Parker X Lieth Clark Glasses – Zelda

warby parker leith clark zelda glasses


warby parker zelda glasses model pic

Shoutout to Warby Parker for supplying my with my glasses for the past few years. What’s great about WP is that all of their glasses start at just $95, including prescription. That’s a lot cheaper than most glasses, period. Plus, aside from a virtual try on option, you can have Warby Parker send you up to five pairs of glasses to try on IRL for free! So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, why not try a pair that are on the unique side. These frames are part of an exclusive collection that won’t be around once they sell out, so if they’re callin’ your name, hop on them now.

Buy them at Warby Parker for $145 (prescription included).


3. Well-Kept Cleaning Cloths

well-kept glasses cleansing cloths

A good microfiber cloth can be a lifesaver to anyone who wears glasses, but they can be a little tricky to keep up with. Clean your glasses without misplacing the vitals with these Well-Kept pre-moistened cleansing cloths instead. They also double as a great little cleaner for your phone or other glass surfaces. Trust, your phone is smothered in germs and could probably use it.

Buy a pack of 60 for $33 or a pack of 15 for $6.


4. Personalized Glasses Pouch

Glasses Case book design crankcases

We all need a place to store our glasses sometimes, especially if they’re only used for reading. This personalized carrying case is a really cute gift to give to anyone who takes their glasses with them on the go on a regular basis.

Buy it at Crank Cases via Etsy for $20.


5. Cat Eye Pin

Cool Cat Enamel Pin moderngirlblitz

This “cat eye” pin would look really killer on a jacket–especially a denim one–or a mid-weight sweater. Plus, take a look at the shape of the cat’s nose and mouth! It’s the woman/venus symbol! So if you or a friend is a glasses wearer and has a healthy dose of girl power politics, this is definitely a cute accessory to cop.

Buy it at Modern Girl Blitz via Etsy for $10.


6. Bonlook Glasses – Balance In Shadow

bonlook glasses balance round circle

bonlook glasses balance model

Bonlook is another great option if you’re looking for frames and prescription lenses on a budget. If you’re up for a new pair soon, consider this round option. Yeah, round lenses are making a comeback in a big way, so if you want to hop on the bandwagon, consider doing so with these babies.

Buy them at Bonlook for $99 (prescription included).


7. Glasses Holder Vessel

Pencil cup and glasses holder lennymud

Let’s be real: this looks kooky AF. But that’s what’s so great about it, you know? Plus, you need a place to keep your glasses anyway, right? You can use the accompanying vessel for anything from pencils to makeup brushes or anything in between.

Buy it at Lenny Mud via Etsy for $16.


8. DENY Designs Wooden Tray

DENY Designs Wooden Tray Urban Outfitters

Of course, if you don’t want to rest your glasses on a ceramic face, there’s always a nice tray you can place it on instead. Instead of just flopping your glasses on any surface near your bed at the end of the day, this will make the ritual of taking your glasses off at night feel a little more special.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $24.


9. Warby Parker Glasses – Wednesday

warby parker wednesday glasses


warby parker wednesday glasses model pic

These glasses have a sweet vintage 1950s feel to them, don’t they? They’re so classic that they look great no matter what type of glasses frames are trending. Plus, they’re flattering for many types of face shapes, from hearts to ovals.

Buy them at Warby Parker for $145 (including prescription).


10. Glasses Lapel Pin

glasses lapel pin fossil

Brighten up your outfit with this little lapel pin. It would look especially striking against black clothing.

Buy it at Fossil for $14,


11. Zzzzzz Mask

warby parker sleeping eye mask

Hey, your eyes need some TLC after doing so much work all day. Give ’em some love with this cute eye mask to rock when you’re going to bed. This is especially helpful if you’re sensitive to light; if you live with a night owl roommate, this is essential.

Buy it at Warby Parker for $15.


12. Bonlook Glasses – Ella In Dark Tortoise

bonlook glasses ella collection dark tortoise

bonlook glasses ella collection dark tortoise model

These tortoise frames look sophisticated AF without giving off a boring vibe. They’re fresh and will make anyone want to be able to pull off the Cool Librarian Look.

Buy them at Bonlook for $99 (including prescription).


13. Glasses Print Blouse

Waiting For My Prints Top in Glasses modcloth

This glasses print top would look nice tucked into a high waist pencil skirt or a pair of wide leg trousers like culottes. Throw on some heeled loafers and you’re good to go.

Buy it for $21.99 at Modcloth.


14. Warby Parker X Lieth Clark Sunglasses – Valda

warby parker leith clark prescription sunglasses valda

warby parker leith clark prescription sunglasses valda model

It’s literally impossible to wear sunglasses over your normal glasses without looking like a fool, but prescription sunglasses often cost an arm and a leg. So it’s not surprising that most of us just make our way through this world without sunglasses…and hating it. Luckily, Warby Parker offers some relatively affordable prescription sunglasses options. This pair is definitely a stand out: they’re sleek and have a classic coloring and shape that will look good on just about anyone.

Buy them at Warby Parker for $145 (including prescription).


15. Denim Sunglasses Case

madewell denim sunglasses case

Whether you finally snag some prescriptions sunglasses or you just need a place to keep your regular glasses when you’re rocking your contacts, consider this hard shell denim case.

Buy it at Madewell for $8.50.


16. “Nice View” Pin

CoucouSuzette Nice View Pin Sunglasses

Okay, so this pin features sunglasses, not eyeglasses, BUT COME ON! It’s so cheeky (literally and figuratively). Throw this on your favorite piece of outerwear or your go-to cold weather sweater whenever you’re feeling thirsty.

Buy it at CoucouSuzette via Etsy for $12.05.

What glasses accessory can you never go a day without using? Tell us in the comments!

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