8 Popular TV Ex Couples Who Should Have Ended Up Together

As somebody who loves to binge watch shows, I find myself getting waaaaay too attached to fictional characters. I prefer to watch streaming shows that have already ended so that I don’t have to go through the agony of anxiously waiting for new episodes every week. This makes me instantly fall in love with way too many characters and couples, and I end up getting really passionate about who they end up with. After all, I just want what’s best for them, which is pretty silly because they are not actually real. But anyway, certain TV shows get it right: Seth and Summer end up together in The OC, and Jim and Pam stay together in The Office. But then, there are a select few shows that let their characters end up with someone they don’t belong with. And I, along with other fans, get very mad about it.

Certain characters just go through so much together that seeing them split up can almost be as heartbreaking as watching, say, your favorite friend couple end things. As fans who have loved and supported them from the beginning, you just want what’s best for them!Not to say that every ~original~ couple should stay together, but so many couples are actually great examples of good relationships, so it would be nice to see a happy ending. If you’ve dealt with your favorite fictional baes breaking up and can understand what I’m saying, then check out these ex TV couples who should have ended up together. Maybe your faves made the list!

Lindsay And Daniel From Freaks And Geeks

If Freaks and Geeks had lasted for more than one season, it's possible that Lindsay and Daniel would have gotten together, but it never happens during the show's first and only season. Lindsay had a very obvious crush on Daniel, but ended up dating Nick instead, who was pretty awful to her. We'll never know what the show's writers intended, but I have a feeling that Lindsay and Daniel would have at least started dating.

Angela And Shawn From Boy Meets World

This love story spans years. Shawn and Angela began dating during season five of Boy Meets World, and they had an instant connection. Honestly, they were a little cuter than Cory and Topanga, IMO. When the show ended in season seven, it was unclear if Sean and Angela would pursue a relationship. Fast forward to a 2015 episode of the BMW spin-off Girl Meets World, Sean and Angela reunite, and it is revealed that she is happily married to someone else. Even years later, fans were crushed that these two didn’t end up together.

Emma And Sean From Degrassi

If you are an OG Degrassi fan, you'll remember how cute Emma and Sean were when they were tiny little eighth graders going on their first date. After seven seasons of on-again, off-again drama, they finally called it quits when Sean was joined the army. We were ALL rooting for Emma and Sean, since they went through literally everything together: an STD scare, a school shooting, and Sean getting arrested. And yet, they went their separate ways. It makes sense, but still, I have hope one day they will reunite in a Degrassi spin-off.

Brooke And Lucas From One Tree Hill

Unpopular opinion, but I much preferred Brooke and Lucas to Peyton and Lucas. Don't hate me, but I think they worked so much better together. Brooke was confident and strong, while Peyton had a lot personal problems and used Lucas as an escape instead of dealing with them herself. Lucas didn't treat Brooke the way she deserved, and if they had stayed together, I think they really could have had a good relationship. Definitey one that would be better than Lucas and Peyton, IMO.

Lyla And Tim From Friday Night Lights

On Friday Night Lights, Lyla and Tim went through a lot together. Lyla really made Tim a better person. She started out dating Tim's best friend Jason, even though Tim was clearly in love with her. Without her, Tim was actually a pretty sucky dude. He pined after her when she went to college but then he ended up going back to his old girlfriend Tyra in the series finale. No offense but WTF? Tyra and Tim had a destructive relationship, and he really should have ended up with Lyla.

Jackie And Hyde From That 70's Show

Jackie was the self-centered cheerleader on That 70's Show who was known for her shopping addiction and love of unicorns. Once she started dating Hyde in season three, they changed each other for the better. Hyde became more caring and confident, while Jackie learned how to be compassionate and less selfish. They dated for a long time and both grew and matured as people. Unfortunately, Hyde cheated on her in season seven and they broke up for good at the beginning of season eight, which basically threw all of his character development out the window. Ugh, Jackie deserved a happier ending.

Rory And Jess From Gilmore Girls

Everyone loved Gilmore Girls' resident bad boy Jess, and every fan freaked the F out when he and Rorry got together in season three. For good reason! They were perfect for each other. Obviously, Rory and Jess had a complicated relationship that I could talk about for hours, but she was good for him. If they had stayed together longer and matured, they would have been a really good couple. Instead, they broke up at the end of season three and never really got back together. But, due to new evidence that appeared in the revival, I am still hoping for a Jess/Rory wedding in the future.

Lizzie And Gordo From Lizzie McGuire

Okay HONESTLY, why did they never date? They were best friends and he was so obviously in love with her. They even kissed in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, but we were left unsure about their future together. I'd like to believe that once they got to high school they started dating and eventually got married and had adorably geeky kids. But we'll never know.

Which TV couple do you wich ended up together? Tell us in the comments!

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