19 Presents You Need If You’re Obsessed With The Internet

As is the case with most people, the only two things I find that I can really enjoy 100 percent of the time are sleeping and being online. Actually, “enjoy” may not exactly be the right word–it is impossible to really enjoy something that you are technically unconscious for the entirety of, and, statistically, things on the internet are more likely drain one’s life force than to add to it–but they are the two things I approach with as much gusto as I can muster every single time I do it.

This is not an uncommon feeling, of course. I don’t have the exact data on this, but I do think that most young and young-ish people count sleeping and logging on as their primary activities. If you, too, find that sleeping and being online fulfill every component of your own personal hierarchy of needs, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up some pretty flawless presents that you’ll definitely enjoy this year–if not more than the ‘net, certainly as much as it. So, check out these holiday gifts you need if you’re obsessed with the internet:

1.This stamp that reminds everyone exactly how you like to keep it (one hunnit):


Buy it from Etsy for $5.95


2. These earrings to wear the next time someone says, “Don’t @ me:”


Buy them from Etsy for $14


3. This card that reminds you what you should be aspiring to do at all times:

Buy it from Etsy for $4


4. This “flipping the table” pendant:flipping-table

Buy it from Etsy for $12


5. This pin that you can use to make friends:hang-out-on-internet-pin

Buy it from Etsy for $1.50


6. These earrings to wear if you like hashtags:hashtag-earrings

Buy them from Etsy for $8.75


7. These Tumblr-esque candy heart stickers:heart-stickers

Buy a pack of 20 from Etsy for $5


8. These stickers with some sage internet advice:


Buy them from Etsy for $7


9. This gorgeous cross stitch to hang in your home:


Buy it from Etsy for $3.50 


10. This humble necklace:


Buy it from Etsy for $10


11. This other, equally humble necklace:


Buy it from Etsy for $18


12. This gentle reminder:


Buy it from Etsy for $3.91


13. These necklaces that let everyone know what you’d prefer to be doing:internet-necklace

Buy these from Etsy for $25 each


14. This cute little pin to stick on all of your clothes:internet-pin

Buy it from Etsy for $3


15. This musically “iconic” (heh) pendant:music-icon-pendant

Buy it from Etsy for $12.95


16. This card bearing the highest praise one could ever receive:profile-picture

Buy it from Etsy for $5


17. This tattoo that’s temporary, but will still work well if you want to freak the heck out of your parents:

Buy it from Etsy for $3


18. These pins that remind you where you came from:


Buy one from Etsy for $1.25


19. And, finally, this T-shirt that lets everyone know exactly what they can expect from you:


Buy it from Etsy for $15

Are you obesessed with the internet too? What do you think of these gifts? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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