22 Perfect Gifts Every Introvert Should Ask For This Year

If you are anything like me, you have been spending the last few days frantically trying to think of what you want as a holiday gift this year as your mom continues to email you asking for ideas even when you have said, “IDK” 14 times. There is something about the pressure of getting a gift that makes you forget about everything you’ve ever wanted and haven’t been able to purchase. Luckily for you, I am very good at picking out gift options (for other people, not always myself), and so I’ve come up with some gifts you should ask for if you’re an introvert. When you hear that, you might be like, “Uh, not all introverts are the same, so how do you know what I want?” Hear me out!

As an introvert, I am fully aware that there are a lot of general stereotypes about this personality type that aren’t true. For example: everyone seems to think all introverts are destined for a cat-filled life. Yes, the Internet loves the image of an introverted girl in cute glasses cuddling with a cat, but that doesn’t mean every introvert wants a cat, or even likes them. You know? I get it. We are all different. But still, I think there are some things we as introverts can agree on, like that we need some alone time to recharge, that we sometimes feel anti-social and hate everyone, and that we enjoy getting super thoughtful. So, that said, there are some products out there that I’m certain introverts would love to receive. In fact, I have emailed half of this list to my boyfriend, so I’m feeling very proud of myself.

Looking for something to ask for this year? Check out this list of gifts every introvert will love. And if you’re not an introvert, but you’re buying for one, then hey – this gift should definitely give you some ideas!

1. Stay At Home Pillowcases


I am so into these pillow cases that I am seriously considering purchasing them even though they will not match my bedroom set at all, in any way. They’re so dreamy and accurate, and will totally encourage you to spend more time alone.

Stay In Bed Dyed Pillowcase Set, $39, Urban Outfitters


2. Stay Home Tote Bag


I have been lusting after this Stay Home Club tote bag for a year now, but unfortunately, they are always sold out of the one I love with the cats. They recently introduced this tote bag with dogs instead of cats, which is great if you love dogs more than cats!

Stay Home Dogs Tote Bag, $24, Stay Home Club


3. Sassy Notebooks


I think a cute notebook is a great gift for anyone, especially a creative introvert who likes to write. I especially love these sassy notebooks that say “None of your damn business,” because honestly, who has time for people who butt their heads in where they don’t belong?

Damn Business 3-Pc Notebook Set, $12.95, Nasty Gal


4. A Sleep Mask


Need a nap? Want to sleep late in a bright room? A sleep mask is a really cute small gift, and it actually is useful, especially the introvert who loves darkness. I love the quote on this one.

If You Love Them Sleep Mask, $7, Jac Vanek


5. A Pretty Bath Soak Set


Pretty beauty products like these always make for a great gift. Taking a warm bath is the best way to relax and recharge, and this set will make your time in there even better.

Fig & Moss For UO Bath Essentials Spa Kit, $42, Urban Outfitters


6. A Bath Board


Okay, but speaking of baths, if you’re an introvert who loves a good soak, you absolutely need this bamboo bath board. It does what it sounds like – stretches over your tub to hold things so you don’t ruin them forever in the water – and makes your bath so much better. And, not to be weird, they also make great Instagram photos.

ModernTropic Bamboo Bath Tray, $42.99, Amazon


7. Texting Phone Case


Every introvert knows that one of the most painful things ever is awkward small talk, or even sometimes talking to people in general. Texting is so much better! Which is why you need this phone case immediately.

Texting To Avoid Talking To You iPhone 6 Plus Case, $9, Jack Vanek


8. A Cozy Sweatshirt


Sure, introverts do much more than just sleep and lay in bed all day, but let’s be real: the thought of hibernation is kind of awesome. You can’t do it, but you can get close with this sweatshirt, which is perfect for lazy days.

Aerie Snow Day Sweatshirt, $23.97, American Eagle


9. A Zen Candle


I am low-key obsessed with this candle, which I doubt I will get from my BF because I do not think he will spend $70 on a candle (which, fair, but still). I mean, is it not perfection?

Damselfly Good Vibes Only Double Wick Candle, $64, Nasty Gal


10. A Delicious Smelling Candle


If you saw that candle and your first reaction was, “Hi, are you seriously asking me to ask for a $65 candle?” then here. A cheaper candle! Candles make excellent gifts, especially for someone who likes to hang out on their own a lot, and this one is awesome. I bought it myself and it smells so, so good.

Gourmand Candle, $14, Urban Outfitters


11. A Fun Phone Case


As an introvert, you probably already know that most people can do The Most 100 percent of the time. Give them this message with your fun phone case.

Chill Pills Silicone iPhone Case, $32, ban.do


12. Comfy Socks


I know, I know, asking for or receiving socks is lame AF, but come on. These slipper socks are crazy soft and cozy and perfect for cold weather when you’re hanging out and relaxing. They’re an exception!

First Sight Slipper Sock, $16, Free People


13. Happy Alone Tee


Ah, yes, this comfy oversized tee is perfection, and describes what every introvert truly loves. Wear it with sweats at home (alone, of course), or wear it out to make a statement.

Happy Alone Loose Tee, $35, Stay Home Club


14. An Incense Set


Again, if you’re going to spend a good chunk of time hanging in your bedroom (all for that, btw), make it smell nice. This incense set is stupidly pretty and will leave you feeling totally zen.

Aquarian Soul Incense Kit, $30, Urban Outfitters


15. Adulting Pin


Work is hard! Socializing with coworkers is hard! Reward yourself every day with this pin.

Got Through A Work Week Pin, $15, Jac Vanek


16. A Lap Desk


If you spend a lot of time on your computer in bed or on the couch (who doesn’t, tbh?), then you need this lap desk. Seriously. It is The Best. I have one! I’m using it right now. It easily fits your laptop, has a mouse pad, has vents so it doesn’t overheat (like so many do), and even has a station for your phone with a charging hole. It’s perfect.

Slate Mobile Lap Desk, $59.95, Amazon


17. A Comfy Pillow


Cute throw pillows are weirdly expensive but also so fun. Ask for one as a gift, or give it to a fellow introvert.

Aerie & Dormify Nama’stay In Bed Pillow, $17.40, American Eagle


18. A Sassy Mug


I feel like there is a weird thought out there that introverts are all nice because we’re quiet? This is not true. Show people it’s not true with this mug.

Not As Sweet Mug, $6, Gypsy Warrior


19. A Cute Patch


Patches are everywhere right now, so get one that really speaks to you – like this. I love it. I need it.

Fortune Woven Iron On Patch, $5, Stay Home Club


20. A Warming Pillow


If you spend a lot of time cuddling in bed or on the couch, you need this fox pillow warmer. First of all, because it’s adorable, and second because it is the best way to stay cozy.

Fox Pillow Warmer, $39.99, Smoko


21. Weekend Mug


I mean, honestly, yeah.

Fringe Saturday Sunday Mug, $7.77, American Eagle


22. Sleep Book


I know that every introvert doesn’t like cats, but if you DO, ask for this book. It is the actual cutest.

You Need More Sleep: Advice From Cats, $12.99, Modcloth

Which one of these gift ideas is your favorite? Are you an introvert? What did I forget to add? Share in the comments!

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  • Jessica, I was cracking up when I read the first part of this blog post! I literally just wrote practically the same thing on my blog just yesterday – thank gosh I’m not alone (http://www.kendrapowell.com/blog/10-items-you-need-to-add-to-your-wish-list). I don’t know what it is about people asking what I want for Christmas that just seems to wipe my brain of any wish list ideas. lol

    You’ve got some great things on this list, like that mug (so, true! Want it.) Thanks for an entertaining and idea generating post!