18 DIY Wall Art Pieces To Make Your Bedroom Look Super Creative

Wall art is one of those things you don’t realize you needed until you see how your room looks with it. Let me be more clear by using an IRL example! I recently moved out of my parent’s house and into my own place. This requires a lot of decorating (which is more difficult than it seems). It wasn’t until I put up a few photos that I realized how much better some of the rooms looked with wall art. I suddenly looked at these rooms and thought, “What was I thinking before? How did I ever think this room looked good without wall art?” I am now in search of the perfect pieces for my bedroom and a few other rooms, and I know my place won’t feel complete until I find them.

Whether it’s a photo, some kind of artwork, or a more graphic piece, wall art can make any room look more personal, creative, and put together. Adding items to your walls is an easy way to make your bedroom tres chic. The only problem? Wall art is expensive AF. A few weeks ago, I found a framed quote with artwork that I absolutely loved and wanted it for my bedroom. When I asked the salesperson how much it was, she said, “$800.” I nodded casually, pretended I had to bring my boyfriend back to look at it, acted like this $800 quote was something I could afford, and then left the store to gasp about the price with my mom.

Anyway. Wall art is pricey, so if you want some pieces to liven up your bedroom, you might be better off going the DIY route. Making wall art doens’t mean you have to be an artist. You just need a good tutorial, some art supplies, and a vision. Anyone can do it, especially with the easy tutorials below. Get ready to make your bedroom Instagram ready with these DIY wall art pieces: 

1. Use wire and fake flowers to make a unique piece:


Simple and inspirational quotes are always nice to have on your wall as a reminder. This style is different and so pretty.



2. Show off your love of makeup with this eyelash art:


Use fake lashes, a marker, and a photo frame to make adorable eyelash art worthy of many Tumblr reposts.



3. Make a minimalist marble clock for your wall. 


With cell phones, we really don’t need wall clocks, but this one is more of a decor piece anyway. It’s classy, aesthetically pleasing, and goes with most styles.



4. Make your initial into art with gold foil and wood. 


Initial art is always cute to have over your bed at home or in a dorm room. This piece isn’t that difficult and can be decorated however you want.



5. Make a personal photo into a piece of wall art:


If you’re particularly proud of a photo you took, make it into a large piece of wall art. This is a more unique way to do it instead of just sticking it in a frame.



6. Make a cool pompom wall art piece:


This is so colorful and fun, and it’s not as hard as it looks. Make it to brighten up any room.



7. Get glamorous with sequins. 


Make a piece that will definitely stand out with glittery gold sequins and an inspiring word or phrase.



8. Use fake flowers to make a gorgeous initial piece.


This is so pretty to look at! It’s the perfect way to give your bedroom a lot of life.



9. You can even make your own sunburst mirror. 


If you want, you can paint the sticks to make this a little bit more bold.



10. Pick your favorite quote and put it on your wall. 


It can be anything! In pretty handwriting with a simple frame, it will look awesome.



11. Do something simple but fun with this glittery chevron art. 


This will make any wall look more sparkly and pretty. Change up the colors however you’d like.



12. Make little cones to display flowers. 


Flowers are a perfect way to make any room look better, but real ones can be frustrating. Try fake flowers in these unique cones for something different.



13. Make a glowing star canvas. 


Do something a little bit more dark, like this beautiful star canvas.



14. Keep it simple with a mandala hanging. 


If you’re into the mandala design, you can’t go wrong with this wooden piece. It has an earthy feel that will make any room look more creative.



15. If you love makeup, create images using your favorite products.


There’s no tutorial for this, but you can simply glue fake lashes to a piece of paper, swipe your favorite lip colors into a design, or kiss a paper a bunch of times wearing something bold. Stick the paper into frames and you’re good to go!



16. Go for a more graphic design, like this colorful herringbone piece.


This one is a little bit more grown up, but it’s still so nice.



17. Make gilded gold art with your favorite quote.


Another way to turn your favorite quote into wall art is with gold and a clear frame.



18. Keep it simple and casual with a fabric quote banner. 


This is easy, cute, and super versatile.


Which one of these wall art tutorials are you going to try? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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