14 Times Sex Can Be Funny AF

Sex can be a lot of things. It can be super hot, kinky, gentle, intimate, and painful. Sometimes it can be funny AF. There are lots of movies that show some pretty hilarious sex scenes, but the stuff that happens IRL can be make us laugh just as hard.

Sometimes you try to be super sexy and it somehow goes terribly wrong. Then you and bae just end up laughing while you’re tangled on the floor. Then there are times when things are all hot and steamy then something unexpected has to happen and ruin the moment. Sometimes it can be really embarrassing, while other times it can have you and your SO laughing so hard that you have tears streaming down your faces. Then there are times when sex is so supremely awkward, that you cannot help but cackle until your sides hurt. That’s just the way life goes.

If you think that you’re the only one to crack up during sex, you’re definitely not alone. It happens to us all, especially in certain situations. These are the times when sex can actually be hilarious.

1. Trying to figure out that super complicated sex position.


All those twisting limbs.


2. When someone farts.


TBT, life is always funny when someone farts.


3. The times when someone pulls a muscle.


It stops hurting almost right away, but the laughs don’t stop until much later.


4. When you fall off the bed.


It’s painful, yes, but still hilarious. It doesn’t matter whether it’s you falling, bae, or both of you.


5. When you or bae cannot get the condom wrapper open.


They should not be this complicated to open…


6. When someone gets a pube in their teeth.


It’s awkward, but hilarious.


7. When someone trips over their pants.


It might ruin the romantic mood, but it doesn’t ruin the laughs.


8. Bae misses the correct spot.


Zero points for aim, 100 points for hilariousness.


9. You cannot figure out how to put on that *sexy* outfit…


..and you and bae cannot figure out how to get it off, either.


10. Someone says something totally random.


Monkeys? Blue crayons? Where the heck did this stuff come from?


11. You got tangled in the blankets.

How are they even an obstacle?


12. When someone realizes they need to pee.


BRB, just have to take care of something in the middle of this…


13. Someone blanks when they’re talking dirty.


Sometimes the thoughts just don’t come…or sometimes they just don’t make any sense.


14. When your bra isn’t coming off.


Bae can’t get the clasp. You can’t get the clasp. No one can.


What has made you laugh during sex? Let us know in the comments!

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