15 Perfect Gifts To Get For Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

It is no secret that long-distance relationships can be tough. It’s hard to find time to talk every day. It’s hard not to feel, like, a lot of FOMO if you know they’re going out with some friends, and you know that you trust them and all, but you just want to be there to see them, you know? And, most of all, it’s just hard to constantly be away from someone that you’d probably prefer to be close to most of the time.

But you know what does not have to be so challenging in a long distance relationship? Finding cute holiday presents for your bae. This is because there are a ton—like, a-whole-subsection-of-the-internet-kind-of-ton—of gifts available for anyone in a long distance relationship. Etsy basically caters to people in LDRs, which means that, if anything, there are too many options to get for a long distance partner.

So, if you’re spending the holidays away from bae—or are together for the holidays, but usually spend time away from bae–check out these adorable presents you should get for your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend:

1.This matching long-distance pillow set that reminds bae you’re thinking of them (and vice versa):

Buy it for $32.99 from Etsy


2. This ring that reminds you exactly how far away bae is at all times:ldr-ring

Buy it from Etsy for $84


3. This straightforward card:long-distance-card

Buy it from Etsy for $4.50


4. This other, equally straightforward card:


Buy it from Etsy for $2.70


5. The most straightforward of cards:


Buy it from Etsy for $4.50


6. This keychain that’ll make bae think of you wherever they are:


Buy it from Etsy for $11.50


7. Or, potentially, this keychain:


Buy it from Etsy for $24


8. Or this one! There are so many keychains to choose from, truly:


Buy it from Etsy for $11


9. These necklaces that are a little dramatic, sure, but might be exactly what you’re after:


Buy it from Etsy for $11


10.  This candle that bae may light as an effigy to summon your spirit whenever they are missing you:


Buy it from Etsy for $23


11. Or, if your S.O. is away from your home state for an extended period of time, get them this candle to remind them of home, and, subsequently, you:


Buy it from Homesick for $29.95


12. This super cute mug that bae can use every morning:


Buy it from Etsy for $13


13. This pillow that reminds bae that you and a squeezable sack of cotton are basically interchangable:


Buy it from Etsy for $16.33


14. This box of chocolates that allows your lover to eat your thoughts:

Buy it from Etsy for $25.94


15. And, finally, this card that reminds bae what your favorite part of the day is:


Buy it from Etsy for $4.75


Are you in a long-distance relationship? Would you get any of these presents? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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