7 Things To Do If Your Boyfriend Won’t Go Down On You

It can be incredibly frustrating when you do something for someone and they don’t return the favor. Maybe you let your BFF borrow your brand new skirt but she won’t let you borrow her new dress, or maybe you lent her your notes to copy, but she won’t let you copy hers. It’s not fair, right? And if you think stuff like that is bad, it’s nothing compared to really personal favors, like sex stuff. You know, like when you give someone an orgasm but they don’t give you one back, or when you go down on someone and they won’t go down on you. Obviously, you can’t force anyone to do anything, but it still sucks. 

It also brings up a lot of questions, because you kind of have no idea what to do. On the one hand, you’re probably feeling insulted and annoyed that you’re willing to give someone oral sex but they don’t want to do it back – so insulted and annoyed that you want to say something or make a big deal about it. But, on the other hand, you know that you can’t force someone to perform a sexual act they aren’t comfortable with. A user on our boards, Camden_love4, brought up a similar issue she was having with her boyfriend. She recently posted“So when my bf and I first starting messing around he used to love going down on me. The all of sudden he kinda just stopped.  I am like disgruntled because my last two BFs didn’t like doing it either but I was always willing to do it for them. I really love oral and I didn’t want to get into another relationship again like this. What do you ladies think?”

Obviously, this is a pretty tricky situation. You don’t want to force anyone into sex stuff, but you deserve to be satisfied too! And how do you know if they genuinely don’t feel comfortable doing it, or if they just don’t really want to? If you’re dating or hooking up with someone who won’t go down on you, read on for tips on how to deal:

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