The 7 Most Underrated TV Shows Of 2016 To Watch Now

Let me just say this: 2016 was a good year for TV shows. Maybe it’s because we all needed a break from the real-life drama we were experiencing, so we had to escape to the fictional drama on our screens.  That’s what’s so great about watching show: you get to momentarily forget about the stress of your life and focus on someone else’s life for an hour or so. That said, there were some reral winners this past year, and some stand out more than others: the much-hyped Netflix Gilmore Girls revival, the summer obsession that was Stranger Things, and the sad finale of Orange Is The New Black. While these shows were great, there were plenty of other awesome shows that didn’t get nearly as much love as they should have.

I watch a lot of television, and  I can tell you with confidence that there were a lot of other TV shows out there that desevred more attention than they got. Maybe it’s because some were on smaller streaming services, maybe it’s because most people just watch what’s most popular – who knows! There were some hilarious and #relatable shows that I didn’t expect to like, but fell completely in love with, so I had to tell you guys about them. Trust me, you will want to binge all of these shows. Here are some of the most underrated TV shows of 2016 that you should watch before the year is up. Or, you know, whenever. Just make sure these get a spot in your Netflix queue!

Did you watch any of these shows this year? What did you think? Tell us in the comments!

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