15 Presents That Are Perfect For Anyone Who Loves Sex

If you are one to buy into hype, you’ll know that having sex, according to most people’s analyses, is pretty fun. It feels good (usually), makes you feel good about yourself (sometimes) and can also be good for your health, too (really!). But, as is the case with most things that carry a lot of hype, sex doesn’t always live up to what you might think it should be. Even under the best of circumstances, it can be messy, awkward, or just plain bad–things don’t always go as planned, so it’s hard to match the quality of IRL sex to the glossy, overly-choreographed version you’ve been fed in various sex-scene montages in movies and TV shows.

Still, while the actual act of sex is never quite clean-cut, we are fortunate to be living in a pretty sex-positive era. Because of this, there are a ton of awesome sex-themed products out there, which makes it easy for you to integrate sex on, like, a purely thematic level it into your holiday gift-giving. So, check out these (NSFW, I guess, unless you work at a very lax online publication like me!) presents that are perfect for anyone who is moderately-to-severely-invested in the act of sexual intercourse:

1.This subtle necklace:


Buy it from Etsy for $8


2. These equally subtle earrings:


Buy them from Etsy for $15


3. Or, these earrings:penis-earrings

Buy it from Etsy for $8


4. Not into genital-based imagery? No problem. Just spell it out:vagina-earrings

Buy it from Etsy for $15


5. Chocolate tastes good! It’s also an aphrodisiac. Plus, this one comes with a love poem inside:chocolove

Buy it from Jet for $2.79


6. If you’ve got a full bush and want to keep it, uh, silky (or, as silky as pubic hair could ever be), fur oil is an awesome present:fur-oil

Buy it from Fur for $39


7. A vibrator. Because why not?

Buy it from Amazon for $59.95


8. Lube. To keep things smooth!organic-lube

Buy it from Amazon for $10.50


9. Condoms. To keep things safe!


Buy this from Sustain for $28.99


10. If you’re into sex, chances are good that you’re a total Samantha. Honor her with this prayer candle:

Buy it from Etsy for $15


11. Or this necklace:samantha-necklace

Buy it from Etsy for $12.75


12. This is a very sensual candle!sex-candle

Buy it from Etsy for $20


13. This is a very naughty cross-stitch!


Buy it from Etsy for $4


14. If you’re into coloring, you probably need this:

Buy it from Etsy for $15.49


15. You know. For the gym:sex-tank

Buy it from Celebrity Cotton for $19.99
What do you think of these gifts? Would you get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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