18 Adorable Gifts For People Who Love Elephants

Elephants are one of things that people love for no real reason. I mean, yes, elephants are beautiful, magnificent, amazing animals that deserve all of the happiness and magic in the world. And yes, most elephant products do have a certain adorable charm to them that makes you want to throw your money at whatever store is selling them even though you do not need said product at all. So, I guess we have our reasons for being obsessed with elephants, but basically it just boils down to the fact that they’re really, really lovable. And we all know someone who can’t get enough elephant-themed stuff – maybe it’s you! – so this year, indulge them and buy them some elephant products (or, ask people to buy them for you).

Here’s a cute fact to go along with your gift: elephants are a symbol of good luck. For years and years and years, elephants have been seen as signs of strength, stability, and wisdom. Many cultures position elephant statues or artwork by entryways to protect homes and project knowledge and success. An elephant product doesn’t just look cute in a trendy, boho way – they offer luck and fortune. You can’t get much better than that. So, whether you’re looking for gifts to ask for this holiday or trying to find something to buy a friend, check out this list of elephant gift options. Try to make it through without spending money, I dare you.

1. Elephant Gloves


Glittens (gloves with the fingers cut off with attachable mitten tops) are the best for winter, and everyone should have a pair. Especially a pair that makes your hands look like little elephants, because why not?

Yan & Lei Elephant Gloves, $19.99, Amazon


2. An Elephant Tapestry 


Want to give your room an instantly cool update? Hang a fun tapestry. This one has a beautiful elephant print that will make your bedroom (or anyone’s) look extra magical.

Magical Thinking Turquoise Elephant Medallion Tapestry, $29, Urban Outfitters


3. Elephant Sweatpants 


I personally love getting cute sweatpants as a gift, because they’re so comfy and nice to wear, and you can never have enough of them. These elephant pants are extra special, as each purchase donates a portion of the money to the International Elephant Foundation.

Taru Black Yoga Pants, $20, The Elephant Pants


4. An Elephant Ring Dish


A ring dish is a great gift because it’s something people typically don’t buy themselves. This little one is inexpensive and makes a great extra gift, or a good option if you don’t know what else to get someone. It holds rings and small earrings.

Gold Print Elephant Ring Holder, $14, Francesca’s


5. An Elephant Watch


Who needs a fancy schmancy watch when you could one as fun and cute as this? It’s a little bit pricey, but it’s worth the splurge if you really love it – ask your parents for one if you can!

Kate Spade New York Metro Elephant Leather Strap Watch, $195, Nordstrom


6. Elephant Bookends 


If you love reading and have lots of books, ask for these beautiful gold elephant bookends – or give them to the reader in your life. I have a set of elephant bookends in my house, and I really love the exotic touch they give my bookshelf.

Golden Elephant Book Ends, $36, Francesca’s


7. An Elephant Coloring Book


Coloring books make the best small gifts. This elephant one will keep anyone entertained with super detailed drawings that let you get really creative.

Elephant Coloring Book For Adults, $8.99, Amazon


8. An Elephant Shower Curtain


If you have a bathroom you want to give some life to, ask for this cool shower curtain. It will make you feel like you’re on a safari every time you shower. Or not. Either way, it’s great to look at.

Magical Thinking Elephant Shower Curtain, $69, Urban Outfitters


9. An Elephant Thermal Mug


Tis the season for hot drinks! Get or ask for this cute little thermal mug to keep beverages nice and steamy.

Lily Pulitzer Tusk In Sun Navy Thermal Mug, $15, Amazon


10. An Elephant Onesie


You’re never too old for a onesie, especially when it’s an elephant onesie. Ask for this and feel cozy all winter long.

Xhiliration Elephant Onesie, $20.99, Target


11. An Elephant Throw


Yes, this little throw rug is pricey, but it’s so gorgeous to look at and such a nice piece to have! Use it as a blanket for picnics or at the beach, or keep it at home in your bedroom as decor.

Bohome Australia Ziggy Picnic Throw in Elephant, $129.95, Shop Nylon


12. An Elephant Planter


Looking for a place to put some succulent plants? Look no further. This elephant planter is a must have, and also makes a great gift when you add a plant in it for someone.

Safari So Good Planter $13.99, Modcloth


13. An Elephant Necklace


Tiny elephant charms look so awesome on pieces of jewelry. I love how this one is colorful – it stands out.

Herd Up! Necklace, $17.99, Modcloth


14. An Elephant Mug


It doesn’t get much cuter than this elephant mug, which can be used for coffee, but has a conveniently perfect spot for a teabag.

Plum & Bow Elephant Tea Mug, $16, Urban Outfitters


15. Elephant Decals


Ask for these decals to make your bedroom walls look instantly more magical.

Elephant Preppy Pattern Wall Decals, $25, Southern Nest


16. An Elephant Print


Or just hang some elephant art on your wall. This colorful piece from Etsy is just one of thousands of options.

Elephant Wall Art, $23+, Etsy


17. An Elephant Choker


A thin choker with a tiny charm is so on trend right now. Ask for this as a cute gift, or give it to someone you know will appreciate it.

Adela Elephant Wire Choker, $20, Francesca’s


18. Drunk Elephant Moisturizing Cream


Okay, so this isn’t exactly an elephant product, but hear me out! Drunk Elephant makes incredibly all natural skincare and happens to have a very cute elephant logo. This moisturizing cream is a personal favorite and would make an excellent gift.

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream, $60, Drunk Elephant

Which one of these elephant gifts is your favorite? Are you going to ask for any? Are you going to give any to friends? Tell us in the comments.

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