12 Videos That Prove Why You Should Never Do The #BackpackChallenge

In the event that you have been looking for a way to propel yourself through the brief lull that occurs between Thanksgiving and Christmas in a manner that will leave you battered, bruised, and possibly concussed, I have the solution for you. It’s called the #BackpackChallenge. The premise, like most succesful internet fads, is both overwhelmingly simple and stupid: Two rows of people line up with (filled, I assume?) backpacks. Then, one other student runs between the lines and gets pelted with the backpacks for, like, fun, I guess. I don’t know.

While other challenges like the #MannequinChallenge appears to still have a strong celebrity fanbase and the #AndysComingChallenge is, uh, probably still happening, the #BackpackChallenge seems to have gained steam over the past few weeks. I know you are not looking for my advice here, but mine would be to not engage in this particular challenge. As noted in Complex, the backpack challenge is less like other, more innocent internet fads and bears more of a resemblance to an initiation technique used by gangs, called the Apache line, in which a potential recruit has to run between two lines of people inflicting physical abuse upon them. And, like, why do that if you don’t have to? Still, if you need some other, uh, encouragement, check out these videos that will convince you to never do the #BackpackChallenge:

1. Here is the video that is often attributed as the first example of the challenge:


2. It seems…painful?


3. Very painful:


4. Slow motion is key here:


5. Hmm:


6. How did we get here?


7. This guy used a helmet! Smart!


8. I just…


9. This one didn’t fall!


10. I feel like this is cruel:


11. Taken down by a roll of paper towels:


12. Save him:

What do you think of this challenge? Are people at your high school doing it? Let us know in the comments!

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