17 Presents You Need This Year If You Love Memes

Say what you will about the year of our lord 2016–and, believe me, there is plenty to say in regards to that particular subject–but, all things considered, it was a year unprecedented in terms of meme quality. Just in the last month, there was Evil Kermit. Goofy Joe Biden. “Wow, Queen, you’re so beautiful,” a meme that excels not so much because of its worth, per se, but rather because of its ability to get stuck inside one’s head and never really get out.

So, in honor of the ubiquity of 2016-centric memes, it seemed appropriate to round up some meme-themed gifts for any meme lovers you might have in your life. Right? These meme-lovers could be anyone, mind you–a friend, a teacher, a parent, just yourself if you are looking to treat yourself or drop subtle hints about what you’re interested in. And, as it turns out, there are so many meme products available today.

It is a veritable meme market, if you will. And, hey–you deserve this, okay? If memes were the one thing you enjoyed in 2016, so be it. Celebrate them.  So, check out these presents you really need if you really love memes:

1. Here’s the Evil Kermit cap that nobody asked for but everybody needs, tbh:


Buy it from Etsy for $24


2. Remember Arthur’s Fist? Honor his legacy with this enamel pin:


Buy it from Etsy for $7


3. Also this DW pin, because duh:


Buy it from Etsy for $3


4. Still not over Damn Daniel? Get this laptop decal:


Buy it from Etsy for $4


5. Though perhaps a pair of white vans might be more practical?


Buy them from Vans for $50


6. Ah, yes. Dat Boi. Don’t you want to give this pin a hug?dat-boi-pin

Buy it from Etsy for $8


7. Here is the best way to tell the world that they are never allowed to talk to you or your son ever again:


Buy it from Etsy for $5.99


8. Fine. Here’s a Harambe t-shirt. Take it and get out of here:


Buy it from Etsy for $13.99


9. Brighten all of your friends’ holiday seasons with this gorgeous Joanne the Scammer card:


Buy it from Etsy for $8


10. Pretend that Joe Biden never has to leave the White House with this cute AF mug:


Buy it from Etsy for $22.95


11. Or, if you’re into the OG Kermit meme, you could get this mug:


Buy it from Etsy for $14


12. Uh, sure. You could also get this:


Buy it from Etsy for $18


13. If you’re more into Pinterest memes, this Minion ornament might be ideal:

Buy it from Etsy for $9


14. Spongebob is so versatile! Here are some earrings:


Buy them from Etsy for $2.20


15. Or, you could get yourself a Mr. Krabs mug:


Buy it from Etsy for $8.95


16. Get yourself a Thrasher tee so you can be your own beautiful queen:


Buy it from Zumiez for $24.95


17. I think this t-shirt is for a grandma, technically. But who could fault a true meme-lover for making it a part of their wardrobe?


Buy it from Etsy for $23.95


What do you think of these presents? Are you going to get any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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