15 Useful Gifts To Ask For If You Don’t Know What You Want

Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, it’s time to ask the real questions: what gift do you want to ask for this year? Sure, it sounds like an easy question, but then when you sit and think about it, you have an identity crisis. What do you actually want? Okay, wait, what do you need? Should you ask for a purely indulgent gift you’d never buy yourself, or should you be responsible and ask for something that will prove useful in the future? What don’t you need? What should you DO?! Okay, don’t panic. If you can’t decide what to tell your grandma when she asks what you want, there are certain practical gifts that everyone can use, and odds are you will need them at some point. And at that point, when you have them, you will thank past you for being so smart about holiday gifts.

It can be pretty awful to open up your presents and realize you’ve been given something you don’t want. It sucks to get something you think you like, and then notice six months later that you haven’t opened it yet and you’ve missed your chance at returning it. Maybe your aunt thought that you would like a creepy cat purse because you couldn’t make up your mind and tell her what you wanted. So now you are stuck with a weird gift you’ll never even use. Instead of just telling your relatives to “surprise you” with something, take a look at these gifts to ask for if you have literally NO idea what you want this year:

1. A gift card to your favorite store:


Urban Outfitters Gift Card

Pick a store you love and ask for a gift card there. It’s way easier than searching through their inventory and writing out a list of specific items you like, plus you cna go to the store and try everything on so you can be sure that it fits.


2. A personalized planner:


MelvedyDesigns Planner, $30

A planner is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you’re halfway through the year and it feels too late to buy one. You can ask for a cute planner that will help keep you organized in 2017.


3.  A cute umbrella


Kate Spade Candy Strip Umbrella, $28.50

An umbrella is something that literally everyone needs, but never buy. You can ask for a cute one that will keep you dry and fashionable at the same time!




4. A monthly box subscription:


Bonjour Jolie Period Box, $22/month

There are SO many subscription boxes out there now. Pick any of your interests: makeup, jewelry, clothes, literally anything, and there is probably a subscription box for it. There is even one for your period, which is awesome. It’s a good gift that really keeps on giving throughout the entire year.


5. A donation in your name:


Planned Parenthood Donation Site

In light of the recent awful things happening around the world, you could ask one of your relatives to make a donation in your name to a good cause, like Planned Parenthood. You’ll feel really good for helping out others, and you can even inform the gift giver of the cause you’re helping out.


6. A cozy sweater:


UO Kimchi Lace Trimmed Sweater, $39

Honestly, we could all use a good sweater. It’s almost winter, it’s cold AF, and odds are you will be chilly one day and not want to wear the same cardigan that you’ve had on for a week. Ask for a simple cardigan or pullover that will keep your warm until spring.


7. Some cute gloves:


Kate Spade Color Block Gloves, $40.90

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who loses gloves like it’s my job. It might be boring to ask for something as simple at gloves, but you will be forever grateful for them when you have to go out in a blizzard.


8. A warm hat:


Charming Charlie Pom Beanie, $18

Again, a hat is a winter essential. Even if you think it’s a boring gift, you are definitely going to need one this winter. Try something cozy and cute that will keep you warm and stylish.


9. Adorable string lights to lighten up your room:


Urban Outfitters Copper Star String Lights, $28

If you are looking to update your room in any way, string lights will do it. They are a great gift to ask for since they will both add cute decoration and give your room some light!


10. Cozy and cute pajamas:


Forever 21 Rabbit PJ Set, $22.90

Okay, the holiday season is a time to treat yourself. Or, rather, have others treat you. Instead of wearing the same old pair of ripped up sweatpants to bed, ask for a cute PJ set for the holidays. You’ll be cozy and cute AF, even if you’re just getting some beauty rest.


11. Workout clothes:


Misguided Color Block Active Leggings, $28

It’s ALMOST the time of year to start thinking about New Years resolutions. If you are someone who wants so get super in shape for 2017, you should start prepping now. Try getting a cute set of workout clothes or some sneakers that will inspire you to actually keep your new years resolution.


12. A fuzzy blanket: 


Urban Outfitters Plaid Throw, $69

Believe it or not, a good blanket is a little bit expensive. I, being the coldest person alive, wanted to go out and buy one the other day before realizing that I literally couldn’t afford a good quality one. If you are looking for a way to get cozy, ask for a nice blanket that will last a while! You never know when you’re going tobe cold.


13. A super important chargeable phone case:


Mophie Juice Pack, $79.99

We all could use a new phone case, right? Even right now, I am considering asking my mom for a new phone case since mine is basically falling apart. It’s practical and not something that you’d really want to spend money on yourself, so it really is a perfect gift idea, especially if you want to get something a little pricey, which a lot of chargeable cases can be.


14. A unique wallet:


Herschel Avenue Wallet, $59.99

Another thing that EVERY girl needs. It’s so important to keep all of your cards and money in one place so you’re not digging around your seemingly bottomless bag every time you need to pay for something.


15. Money:

Everybody wants money. If you don’t want money, you’re lying. I know you might feel greedy asking for money, but it is better than getting something you won’t actually use. With money, you can just get whatever you want, or jut save it for something later. It’s up to you!


What are you going to ask for this year? Tell us in the comments!

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