7 Things You Definitley Shouldn’t Do While Masturbating

There aren’t really “rules” when to comes to masturbating: you do what feels good and that’s it, right? That’s the beauty of it! You can do it as little or as often as you want, and how you do it is totally up to you. Sure, there are some ways to switch it up a bit with different positions, or even try masturbating with something new.  Like I said, there aren’t really rules, but there are some things you definitley shouldn’t do while masturbating. I know you might feel like a masturbation expert, but there are actually some things you might not realize you shouldn’t be doing when you’re having “you time.”

There are the the obvious things you shouldn’t do while masturbating, like drive a car or do your nails (that would be messy). But then there are the no-so-obvious things, things that you might actually be doing already. Certain things, like masturbating with different items or doing it with unwashed hands, can actually be really harmful and can put you at risk for some infections. Eek. So, if you want to be safe, take a look at these 7 things you should definitley NOT be doing while you masturbate: 

What other things shouldn’t you do while masturbating? Tell us in the comments!

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