12 Of The Most Annoying Things Couples Do On Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, most people, I think, understand that there is to be a certain type of decorum that everyone there must uphold. Now, what this decorum entails, exactly, differs from person to person, but everyone has some sort of thing—some adhere to a specific color scheme, some use hashtags to get more likes,  and others think that hashtags are gauche, but use location tags to get the likes they might have gotten from hashtags. The point is, there is an understanding that Instagram simply cannot be a lawless place, like Westworld or those 24-hour Forever 21s that always feel like an alternate universe.

In any case, for the most part, there isn’t anything wrong with anyone’s exact interpretation of the Instagram bylaws. I would never say that I am, like, incredible at Instagram—all told, it is probably one of my very worst platforms of social media, right after my unused Peach profile but before my mostly-unused, now defunct Vine profile—but I do know what I like there (mostly just intersectional  feminist memes) and, uh, what I just don’t like at all.

Which is what brings me to my next point. Couples, you’ve all got to…stop.  I mean, not all of you. Just some of you. Check out the most annoying things couples do on Instagram here:

1. This “lead him through the world” thing:

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2. Posting pictures of your texting conversations:


A photo posted by Couple Texts (@couple.texts) on


3.Especially if they look like this:


4. And this:

#relationshipgoals #coupletexts #bestfriendforever #loveya

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5. Trying to prove that you are the very most annoying girlfriend…all the time:


6. I mean.

Can I live ?? #annoyingboyfriend #snap #mybug

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7. Same goes for the “annoying boyfriend” thing, too:


8. Telling everyone you have the best boyfriend or girlfriend as though it is an OBJECTIVE FACT:


9. Posting pre-coital pictures:


10. And, uh, post-coital ones, too:


11. Getting your dog involved in your sex life…in the public eye:

Tag someone ??

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12. And forcing your friends to take your pictures, solely for Instagram purposes:

What do you think of these things? Do you ever do them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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