What To Do If Your Vagina Is Swollen For A Long Time

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I’m desperately looking for advice on my issue. Last night I had sex without using a condom. Lubrication was used, just like the night before, which was fine. But after cleaning up last night, I noticed that the inner lips of my vagina had swollen significantly and was quite uncomfortable. I thought it might have been from friction and that it would go away in the morning. But today, over 24 hours later, it is still swollen and it feels sore, like an ache. The swelling hadn’t gone down at all. I’ve also noticed a little discharge that is yellow in color and quite crusty. Is there anything I can to get the swelling down and lessen the weird discharge? And do you know waht’s happening? I’m worried about it being more serious. Please respond soon!

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Experiencing a swollen vagina after sex, especially sex without a condom, is not unheard of. Sometimes too much friction or action down there can cause swelling, which can last a few hours or longer, even an entire day. This kind of swelling is uncomfortable, but not cause for alarm, and will generally go down on its own. But the fact that your vagina is still just as swollen after 24 hours, even though you used lubrication (which should have cut down on friction), is making me question what’s going on, especially coupled with the fact that you’re also feeling pain and noticing a strange discharge.

Having sex without a condom, as I’m sure you know, opens you up to the risk of getting infections or transferring bad bacteria. While STD/STI symptoms typically don’t present themselves immediately after having sex, if this is something you’ve been doing for a while (having unprotected sex, that is), those are still a possibility. Please sure you get tested and that your partner does too. I’m not saying that the swelling is from an STD (although that could be possible), but regardless, you have to be careful!

So, what could be the cause of what you’re feeling right now? A swollen vagina can be caused by an allergy or irritation, a cyst, an infection or even edema. Considering your other symptoms are an aching pain and funky discharge, I’m going to assume that you probably have a yeast infection or bacterial infection. Yeast infections can often include side effects of swelling, pain, and strange discharge. Both need to be treated, so please see your gynecologist to find out if that’s what’s going on, and if so, to get medication.

I don’t know for sure if you have a yeast infection, because I’m not your doctor, but I think that sounds like the most plausible situation. However, there are some more serious things that could be going on. They’re rare, but the possibility is there. So please, see a doctor as soon as you can and don’t ignore symptoms like these! Also, consider using a condom next time you have sex. That could be a contributing factor to the swelling.

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