11 Of The Most Extra Presents You Should Never Get Your S.O.

At this point of the year, many of us are finding ourselves in need of some sort of guidance. There’s the current political climate, which requires counseling, probably. There’s also the annual color-based crisis that we must face at least once a year. Then, of course, there is the gifting. Specifically, gifts that are for someone you’re dating. It’s hard to figure those out!

Now, I am certainly not here to police your gift-giving behavior. You are obviously free to give your S.O. literally anything that you would like to give them, whether that  includes the items on this list or not. In fact, you could go ahead and use this list as a full-on, all-inclusive gift guide– you know your boyfriend or girlfriend far better than I do, after all, so perhaps you know that they really would enjoy, say, straight-up wad of cash or an unforgiveably massive teddy bear. It’s just that most people would find them to be a little, uh, off-putting. But that’s just what I think! Anyway, check out these super-extra gifts that—unless you know something that specifically points to the contrary—you probably should not give to your significant other:

1. A literal puppy:

✖ Spoil your lady ✖

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Puppies are great! Just not, like, as a surprise. They take a lot of work and money, so really what you’re giving someone is a pile of bills and dog poop to clean up.

2. Just….straight-up cash:

Seems a little…impersonal, no?

3. Cash and a…Louis Vuitton bag?

Seems like the kind of thing you’re not allowed to ask questions about.

4. Whatever this is:


5. Your beauty regimen:


6. A huge-ass teddy bear:


7. Gucci slides that come with a strict condition:


8. This sweet little message to pin to all of their clothes:

I mean. People will stay away from them?

9. These creepy, creepy heartbeat rings:

A good way to get your feelings hurt.

10. Whatever this is:


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Calm down.

11. A car:


A photo posted by Relationship Goals (@couplegoals) on

Who has the funds?

What do you think of these gifts? Are there any that you actually like? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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