7 Tips For Being On Top During Sex When You’re Lazy AF

Hey, sex is fun. It’s super exciting, and you get to ~feel~ awesome things with someone you like, which is pretty awesome. But it can also get tiring. You know how people in the movies seem to have hour-long, earth shattering sex? HOW do they do that without getting exhausted? Sex really is a workout, especially when you’re the one doing the work – like when you’re on top. Being on top during sex can be intimidating and adventurous, not to mention tough to get through for more than, like, a minute… especially if you’re lazy AF. But what if you’re tired and you still want to be on top? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Being on top is a whole different experience than most other positions, which means it can get a little complicated. You need more stamina, AKA energy, to be able to last longer. And we all know longer sex is better,right?( Well, sometimes, anyway). If you want to learn how to get on top and do an impressive job without completely tiring yourself out, read on for these easy tips on how to be on top during sex. You’ll thank me later!

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