15 Easy DIY Scarves That Anyone Can Make

There are a lot of crappy things about winter. The freezing of limbs, the lack of sunshine, and the havoc it wreaks on my hair and skin are just some of the things that make me dislike it. That being said, one of the things that I love about winter is scarves.

Give me any kind of scarf to wrap up in and I’ll be happy. It can be a blanket scarf, a super skinny style, an infinity one, or a cozy knitted neck warmer. There are so many different scarves you can choose from at stores, but it is also worth remembering DIY versions.

If you’re wondering, “Why would I make a scarf when I can go and buy one?” Let me remind you that when you DIY one, you end up with a one-of-a-kind scarf, and that, my friends, is priceless.

Another great thing about DIY scarves is that there are so many different tutorials. Of course there are some complicated ones that require you to be an expert crafter who has their own craft room, but there are others where you don’t even need to pick up a pair of knitting needles. And those are some of my favorites. These are the super simple DIY scarves that anyone can do. That includes you, missy.

1. Got a sweater that ain’t looking so hot anymore? Turn it into a scarf. You can pretend you knit it all if you want. I won’t tell.




2. If you love rocking French braids in your hair, you’re going to love this scarf. You basically use the same method as you would on your mane.




3. Fleece is your BFF when it comes to easy scarf DIYs. It doesn’t fray, but you can still give it a pretty finish around the edges.




4. All you need to make this cool blanket scarf is some plaid material, scissors, and a seam ripper, if you’re feeling fancy.




5. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of arm knitting. You’re basically just dancing, but what you end up with in the end is a scarf.




6. The more bows, the better. The secret is that you pleat two scarves together to create the bow shape. Clever, huh?




7. This scarf looks like something you would get in the store, but you can whip it up in ten minutes at home.




8. How rad is this? It is a scarf with a hidden pocket. You will be surprised by how useful it will be.




9. Wondering how you get the colored fringe on the scarf? The secret is you loop it and knot it around the hem.




10. How cute is this? The scarf looks like it is made from little fleece petals.




11. The ends of your scarf are as important as the rest of it. Here, you get three different options. You can also go wild and mix them together.




12. Grab some scissors and an old T-shirt and get cutting. Before you know it, you’ll have a fancy new scarf.




13. There are a few more steps here, but don’t let that put you off. What you end up with a scarf and mitts in one.




14. This might look complicated, but all you’re doing is slashing T-shirts and attaching them together. Easy, peasy.




15. If you’re addicted to blanket scarves now, just wait until you realize how easy it is to make them. You’re going to have a closet full of these.




Have you ever made scarf before? Will you try any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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