22 Aesthetically Pleasing Gifts Organized People Need In Their Life

Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed at the prospect of thinking of gifts to ask for during the holidays? It’s like all year long you have no trouble finding things that you absolutely *need* (AKA things you probably don’t need but just want), and then as soon as December rolls around and your parents start asking what you want, you’re like, “Uh, IDK.” In those times, it’s good to fall back on gift options that are useful to every day life and are also very cute – like organizational gifts. Yes, I realize that the term “organizational gifts” does not sound super exciting, but hear me out! Sometimes items like desk supplies, stationary, and organizers can be ridiculously pretty and intriguing, mainly to already organized people, but also to people who want to be more organized.

Plus, the new year will be here before we know it, and we all know that means a time to sort of reinvent yourself and try to be better at everything. The below gifts will help you stay clean, organized, neat, and put together. They’ll make it easier for you to get everything done, to stay on top of your work, and to look good while doing it. And, if they’re not for you, they’ll make excellent gifts to give to family members or friends who like to stay organized, Secret Santa options, or something random to that person you have no idea how to shop for. So, it’s just a really versatile list! Check out these aesthetically pleasing gifts organized people (and beyond) would love to receive this year:

1. A Clutch/Wallet With Many Pockets


I find that a wallet always makes a nice gift, whether you’re giving it to someone or asking for it. It’s something you need and don’t always replace or buy yourself. This one is especially awesome because of all of the pockets – there slots for cards of course, but it also has a key holder, pen holder, zippered pouch, a buttoned compartment, and a passport/bill holder. This can be used as a large wallet or a small clutch, which it makes it super versatile and useful.

All In One Leather Pop Clutch, $55.21, Mochi Things


2. A Badass Pouch


There are so many things you can with a small pouch like this one, like using it as a pen/pencil holder or as a small makeup holder. I always buy pouches like this and stick them in my handbags to hold all of the smaller items I don’t want to lose. And this one says “girl boss” which makes it automatically awesome.

Fringe Studio Faux Leather Zip Pouch, $14.99, Nordstrom


3. A Pretty Calendar For 2017


Rifle Paper Co. makes what are prehaps the prettiest office supplies in existence. And since everyone needs a new calendar for the coming weeks, this is the perfect time to buy/ask for one. This 2017 calendar offers gorgeous drawings that will make anyone smile.

2017 Appointment Calendar, $26, Rifle Paper Co 


4. A Charging Station


If you, like most people, have many tech items, ask for this charging station. It’s really pretty to look at, but it’s also very useful. You can charge your phone and tablet at once, with easy to access space to put charger wires through. You can move these compartments around to add more or less items as well. There are also “hidden” spots undernearth the compartments to store chargers when you don’t want to look at them. This would look great on a desk or nightstand.

Mele & Co Rory Charging Station, $54, Urban Outfitters


5. A Health Tracker


If you’re into being healthy or know someone who is, this health tracker makes an awesome, useful, and inexpensive gift idea. For each day, there are spaces to track what you eat, how much water you drink, what exercise you do, how long you sleep, and how you dealt with stress. It’s organized, easy to use, and will help keep you on the right healthy track.

Eat Sleep Move Drink Health Tracking Journal, $14.99, Modcloth


6. A Dry Erase Elephant


You know what a dry erase board is, of course, but isn’t this little elephant so much better? Put it on a desk or anywhere to jot down quick notes you need to remember.

Dry Erase Memo Elephant, $26, Urban Outfitters


7. USB Charging Keychains


Portable chargers are, in theory, a terrific idea… then you get one, and things go downhill fast. At first, you use it religiously it, charge it when it dies, and always remember to throw it in your bag. But after a few weeks, you start forgetting to bring it with you, you lose the charger, realize it is more dead than your phone, and forget about it. This charger keychain is the solution. You can attach it to your keys, so you’ll always have it, and it doens’t need to be charged. As long as you have a computer around, you can plug it in to give your phone a boost of power. And it’s pretty to look at!

USB Tassel Keychain, $30, Anthropologie


8. A Cool Message Board


Desk organizers can be boring and/or too clunky, but this one is pretty great. It has a spot to store small items and magnts to attach things you need to remember – or just photos you want to decorate a desk with. It’s also really cool with the clear board!

Message Board and Magnet Set, $30, Urban Outfitters


9. A Pushpin Holder


I am pretty positive that there has never been a moment in your life, or anyone else’s, where you think, “Damn, I need a good pushpin holder. But you know what? This donut is too cute to pass up.

Desk Donut Pushpins and Holder Set, $10, Urban Outfitters


10. A Handy Notebook


The gift of a notebook or journal can seem boring, but I don’t think it is! Little notebooks like this are always great to have around, especially when they’re this pretty. I love the colors and the message on the front.

Fringe Studio Get It Done Journal, $12, Nordstrom


11. A Food Planner/Grocery List


If you’re trying to eat healthier and keep track of your meals, this planner set is a perfect gift. It gives you space to write what you plan on making/eating so you can stay on track, as well as a super helpful tear-off list for when you need to buy your food – or tell your mom what to buy you.

9th Letter Press Grocery and Meal Planner, $16, Anthropologie


12. A Good Planner


The new year is coming up soon, which means that everyone will be purchasing shiny new planners. I, personally, can’t get enough of the agendas from ban.do. They are so fun to look at, they come with cute stickers, and they include plenty of writing space. I love the size, too, it makes them perfect for carrying around.

17 Month I Am Very Busy Classic Agenda, $20, ban.do


13. Planner Kit 


Every organized person knows that a planner isn’t complete without some accessories. This start kit from ban.do has everything you’ll need, from a clear pouch to hold small items to cute stickers to to-do lists you can add to your planner.

Agenda Starter Pack, $22, ban.do


14. A Memory Journal


It’s nice to think about writing everything down and reading it years from now when you’re older and can’t remember what your life used to be like – but it’s also time-consuming. This memory book makes it much easier and lasts for, well, five years. It’s an adorable gift.

Five Year Memory Journal, $14.95, Anthropologie


15. A Small Notepad


I’m low-key obsessed with this little notepad, which has space for your Internet passwords (and other little things you need to write down). It’s small enough to take everywhere and is such a great idea.

Black Internet Password Keeper, $10, Francesca’s


16. A Scheduling Kit


If you’re still in school, this scheduler will make your life so much easier. This is a kit that includes the large wallet with lots of pouches and holders, a grid notebook, a mini planner, a sticker set, and a pen with two different colors of ink. It’s an excellent way to keep everything in one place.

Better Together Scheduler Kit, $47.96, Mochi Things


17. A Pretty Note Card Set


Note cards sound lame, but as you get older, you realize how much you need them – and how annoying it is to buy them when you do. Gift someone this notecard set to make their life easier. The cards can be used for anything.

Give In The Moment Mini Card Set, $24.99, Modcloth


18. A Personal Library Set


If you love to read or know a friend who loves to read, get them this little personal library set. It includes self-adhesive pockets and tags to keep track of your books, stamps, and pens. It’s not exactly necessary (although is super helpful if you lend books to people a lot), but it’s really adorable.

DIY Library Kit, $16, Anthropologie


19. A Productivity Planner


What makes this planner different from other planners? Instead of space to write things out, it offers already created lists ranking your to-do lists in priority order, as well as spaces to write goals and more. It’s perfect for the most organized person ever.

Productivity Planner, $24.95, Anthropologie


20. A Sticky Note Set


Sticky notes are helpful for studying, doing work, or just having on your desk. These are all so cute and fun to use!

Bragging Writes Sticky Note Set, $14.99, Modcloth


21. An Underwear Pouch


You know when you’re traveling and have to pack underwear? It’s a pain to get it in your suitcase, squeezing your bras in there until they become misshapen and throwing dirty underwear under everything else. This pouch makes it easier. Store your bras carefully, have special spots for underwear, and use a zippered pouch especially for dirty pairs. It’s awesome!

Underwear Pouch v2, $27.16, Mochi Things


22. A Weekly Desk Planner


This weekly planner is great for someone’s desk. It looks pretty and makes it easy to keep track of everything without getting too crazy. I have one and love it!

Weekly Desk Planner, $12, Rifle Paper Co

Which one of these gifts are you going to ask for? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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