7 Things You Didn’t Know About Clitoris Size

Y’all know that when it comes to guys, there is a lot of talk about the size of things down there. It’s always a topic of conversation with dudes, but us ladies talk about it, too. When it comes to girls, there is talk about boob size, but there isn’t really that much talk about vagina size, save for the things about trying to make him fit.

If we’re going to talk about size down there, clitoris size is something interesting we should be discussing. You’re probably familiar with how *magical* the clit can be, but have you ever stopped to consider the size of it? I’m not trying to stress you out that your clitoris is too big or too small. Every clitoris is unique, just like everybody is unique.

What I’m saying is that there are actually some interesting things about clitoris size that you may not know. Read ’em and learn. Take a look at some things that you didn’t know about clitoris size.

It Can Grow

We heard how our clits gets bigger when we're turned on, but did you know that your clitoris can actually grow a couple of inches? Don't worry, you're not going to wake up and find that your clit is suddenly four times its size. Use of hormones and hormone creams can cause your clit to grow. FYI: It's one of the methods transgender guys can use to create a penis.

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It's A Lot Bigger Than You Think

Do you think of your clit as a tiny pleasure spot? Well, there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Women's Health explains that your entire clit is actually wishbone-shaped. It apparently has two legs that extend about three inches into the vagina and connect to other parts down there. Who knew?!

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All Clitorises Are Different

The size of your clit is unique, just like you. Some clitorises are small while others are large. Some are narrow while others are wider. It's nothing to stress about because it's normal. Your clitoris is one-of-a-kind like a snowflake...or a flower...or a penis.

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Puberty Changes It

We know that puberty changes a lot of things in our bodies. One of the things that you don't hear about as much is that during puberty your clitoris actually grows. Mic reports that when you're done with puberty, your clitoris can be double the size. It makes sense, right? The rest of you grows so why shouldn't your clitoris?

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It Swells When You're Turned On

Chances are you don't have your head between your legs when you're horny so you probably don't realize that your clitoris gets bigger when you're turned on. It's not a hugely noticeable difference, but it does happen. It's because of all of the extra blood flowing in the erect tissues down there. FYI: Your clit also changes positions when you're turned on.

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Size Could Effect Pleasure

There are some studies that link the ability to orgasm with the size and placement of your clitoris. Medical Daily stated that a study found that smaller clits that are farther away from your vag may make it more difficult to orgasm. Instead of stressing about it, just focus on trying to have fun in bed. Chances are you'll have mind-blowing results.

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It Keeps Growing

You stop getting taller in your teens, but your clitoris doesn't stop growing. We found out how it doubles in size during puberty, but it keeps on growing as you get old, according to Alternet.org. If you're imagining that you're going to have a HUGE clitoris when you're 60, note that things aren't that drastic.

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What clitoris facts did you know? Let us know in the comments!

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