13 Bizarre Examples Of The “Wow Queen, You’re So Beautiful” Meme

I don’t like to tell a lot of people this, but, if you were wondering, my life was ruined forever exactly thirty-two weeks ago, on April 13, 2016. I didn’t know it then, of course–seismic shifts in one’s life often go unnoticed at the time–and, in fact, I only became truly aware of it months later when I saw this:

Yes. Wow Queen, you’re so beautiful. The original post is, per Know Your Meme, a piece of Goofy Movie fan art by an Instagram artist with the handle @artsybypink. It depicts anthropomorphic couple Max and Roxanne, except Max looks a little bit like his dad, Goofy, and also they are, like, hypebeasts for some reason. It is many things but, most of all, it is proof that every day we stray a little farther from God’s light.

Anyway, the drawing itself is far better than anything I could do on, like, a technical level, and the artist seems to have benefited from the popularity of this particular meme. (You should check out her other drawings! They’re good.) So, my life has been ruined not because I hate it–though there is certainly an argument for that–but rather because I just can’t stop thinking about it.”Wow,” “Queen,” “you’re,” “so,” and “beautiful” are the only things coursing through my mind at any given point. It’s all I can talk about. My friends have grown weary of me tagging them in the original Instagram post alongside the simple prefix “wow.” And, look–I don’t want to ruin your life either, but the thing is that I don’t really have a choice. It’s all over the internet already, and, as far as I can tell, it has not yet reached its true peak in the meme lifespan. Besides, your parents would prefer that you get this from me. So, uh, here. These are the…best? worst?  most noteworthy? examples of the “Wow Queen, you’re so beautiful” meme:

1. Welp:


2. RT if this made you convulse:


3. Imagine waking up from a coma and having someone explain all of this to you:



4. A bright spot!


5. A dark spot:


6. There is, uh, a lot to unpack here:


7. Wow, queen:


8. You’re so beautiful:


9. Heh:


10. NO:


11. Same:



12. That is…..enough:

13. Apocalypse, indeed:

What do you think of this meme? Which one is, uh, your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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