16 Of The Cutest Things Guys Have Said About Makeup

Like most people, my personal relationship with the beauty-industrial complex is not an easy one. I wear makeup nearly every day and find that I prefer my face on the days that I have it on to the ones that I go without, which, in turn, makes me wonder if I am being held prisoner by an industry whose main goal is to convince me that I will never actually be as beautiful as I think I should be.

This is dramatic, probably, and I would love to say that it is not that deep, but I think it really is that deep–if there is one thing that I learned at liberal arts college, it is that anything is deep if you would like it to be–and the fact is that makeup, no matter how many female empowerment missives and “natural beauty”-affirming ideas that brands try to sell you, is a lot more complicated than it appears on the surface. If there is one makeup-based thing I am certain of, however, it is this: If there is a guy in your life who says that you should skip out on makeup because he prefers girl who don’t wear makeup is a guy that needs to be out of your life as soon as humanly possible.

One might think that guys who don’t wear makeup (some do!) and, thus, probably doesn’t actually understand it, would refrain from making commentary on it. But this is where you are wrong! Guys love to talk about makeup, whether that involves saying they only like girls who don’t wear any (gross), complimenting celebrities on magazine covers for not wearing any makeup (what?), which usually just reveals that they have no idea what it even is.

Some guys, however, have just the right idea about makeup. They might not understand it, but they don’t try to fight it–as might be one’s initial instinct when confronted with something they don’t understand–so they just kind of, like, admire it from a distance. It’s pretty adorable. So, check out these things that guys have said about makeup that are actually cute:

1. This guy who doesn’t understand winged liner, but knows that he likes it:



2.This guy who loves makeup tutorials as much as you do:


3. This guy who thinks all makeup should smell like candy (same, tbh):


4. This guy who doesn’t get the importance of eyebrows, but is really adorable in his ignorance:


5. When he really gets how important your makeup is to you:


6. This guy who (for the purposes of a tweet) is really confused about what “baking” is:


7. This guy who knows what’s really important when you compliment someone:


8. This ideal way to slide into someone’s DMs:


9. This guy with a really solid outsider’s perspective when it comes to makeup suggestions:


10. This guy who doesn’t even care to know what foundation is, probably:


11. This guy who thinks bird and makeup terminology is interchangable:


12. This guy who thinks highlighter is a…literal highlighter:


13. This guy upon whom the concept of a “beauty blender”sponge is totally lost:


14. This guy, who just wants to know what color your eyelids are going to be today:


15. This guy who knows just what to say:


16. Never change, guys:

Do you care what guys think about makeup? What do YOU think about makeup? Let us know in the comments!

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