8 Things To Remember Before Gilmore Girls Premieres On Friday

Unless you have excommunicated yourself from the internet, odds are you are aware the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year In The Life, premieres this Friday on Netflix. While I am VERY excited, I have also found myself explaining the premise of the show to many of my friends who didn’t watch it as intensely as I did when it aired in the early 2000s. Maybe you, too, used to watch the show, but need a refresher course on the series. You’ve come to the right place. There are a few things you need to know about Gilmore Girls before you even think about watching the Netflix special.

Whether you know a little bit about the show, or you know nothing and just want to watch season eight for kicks, know this: The show focuses on the crazy close relationship between a mother and daughter (Lorelai and Rory, respectively) as they navigate their way through life struggles, school, family, and dating. Lorelai raised Rory in the small and ~quirky~ town of Stars Hollow (a fictional Connecticut town) and they have an extremely close, BFF-like relationship.

That is the very basic premise of the show. Of course, there is a ton of drama: family drama, work drama, drama about not having enough coffee, but probably the most dramatic aspect of the show was the relationship story lines. So, if you want to know all about Rory and Lorelai’s love life, among other things, read on. Whether you are a die-hard fan, or a casual watcher, here are all the things you need to remember before ther premieres this week:

Dean And Rory's Relationship

Dean was Rory's first boyfriend. He is known for being problematic AF, but this is masked by his small town boy looks. He and Rory dated during the first and second season, until Jess came in and swooped her away. Dean and Rory continued to have a complicated relationship. At one point, he got married to someone else, but cheated on her with Rory. He got a divorce and tried to continue a relationship with Rory, but realized that she was still too good for him. They finally broke up for good in season five. BUT, he will be in the revival, so who knows if they are really done for good. I HOPE they are.

Jess And Rory's Complicated Relationship

Luke's leather-jacket wearing nephew arrives in season two, and instantly starts crushing on Rory, which causes drama between her and Dean. Even Lorelai is not a fan of Jess, since he is considered a troublemaker who constantly gets kicked out of school. But, Rory always brought out the good side of him. After Dean and Rory have a very public break up in season three, she and Jess begin their relationship, which is cute AF. Eventually, Jess runs away at the end of season three, which was pretty annoying of him, since he missed Rory's graduation. He shows up from time to time, but they never get back together. Many fans are hoping that the revival will be when they finally become official, but nobody knows for certain.

Logan And Rory's Serious Relationship

Logan is Rory's boyfriend during her college years. He's rich and snarky, but also loves Rory a lot. They meet when she is still with Dean (ugh) but Logan helps Rory get out of her shell. I mean, they jump off scaffolding together. That's love. They date up until the end of season seven, when he proposes to her and she turns it down. Honestly, good for her. He is also going to be in the revival, but we have no idea what his role is yet.

Rory's Dream Of Being A Journalist

Throughout the course of the show, a main theme is Rory's lifelong dream to become a journalist. At first, she sets her sights on Harvard, but ends up going to Yale and becomes the editor of the Yale Daily News. The series left off with Rory being offered a job on the presidential campaign of 2008. From the previews, it seems like Rory is confused about where she will end up career-wise, but I'm sure we will find out.

Luke And Lorelai's On-Again-Off-Again Relationship

Okay, Lorelai dates quite a few men over the course of the series, but I am going to focus on one: Luke. Luke is the owner of the diner where Lorelai and Rory are frequently seen drinking buckets of coffee. Although they seem to have a rocky friendship, they eventually get together in season four. They were, of course, a fan-favorite couple, who ended up breaking up a number of times. In the last episode, Luke throws Rory an extravagant graduation party, which makes Lorelai realize just how much he still cares about them. The season ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, and we are unaware if they end up together. While it has been confirmed that Lorelai is in a relationship in season eight, they haven't outright said she was with Luke, but, come on, just look at this picture.

Friday Night Dinners At Emily And Richards

A main plot point in the series was Lorelai's relationship with her parents, Emily and Richard. Emily is a stubborn woman, who tries to repair her rough relationship with her daughter, while Richard is a much quieter and kinder dad, who was a good grandfather to Rory. Even though Emily and Richard briefly separate but reunite in season five, their relationship pretty much the only constant on the show. Lorelai and Rory make a deal in the beginning of the first season to go to Emily and Richard's for dinner every Friday night, since they pay for Rory's tuition. The tradition supposedly continues in the revival. Unfortunately, the actor who played Richard, Edward Herrmann, died in 2014, so he will not be present in the new season. But, his character will still live on and definitely play an important role in season eight.

The Weirdness Of Stars Hollow

If there is one thing to know about Gilmore Girls, it is how truly strange their town, Stars Hollow, is. It's filled with a wide variety of weird traditions and festivals that probably don't happen in towns IRL, but it makes for good TV. I know my town definitely didn't have a snowman-building contest or a picnic basket auction, but Stars Hollow definitely did, so I think we can all assume that there will be some sort of town event in the revival.

Christopher And Lorelai's Relationship

If you thought that Lorelai and Luke's relationship was complicated, it's really nothing compared to her relationship to Christopher, who is Rory's dad. Lorelai and Chris dated when they were both in high school, and then she got pregnant with Rory. Throughout the series, Chris is a constant in both Rory and Lorelai's life: he wants to be a good father, but also wants to be a husband to Lorelai. They also have an on-again off-again thing going, and even get married after a trip to Paris in season seven, but break up after they realize that it wasn't meant to be. While he will always be in Lorelai's life (and in the revival) it's pretty obvious that they were never supposed to be together. Can you tell I'm team Luke and Lorelai?

Are you going to watch Gilmore Girls this weekend? Tell us in the comments!

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