7 Cheap DIY Ways To Update Your Jewelry

It’s almost officially the “holiday season,” and no matter what you celebrate, chances are you will be at some sort of holiday party within the next month. Everyone will be dressed in their prettiest dresses and most sparkly shoes, wearing the fanciest jewelry that looks like they walked straight out of a fashion magazine. And what about you? Well, you want to look classy and cool AF… without having to spend all your money on some cool earrings and accessories. It can be really hard to do that when you’ve barely have any money in your wallet. Jewelry can get very expensive very fast, and cheap jewelry often looks like just that: cheap. 

As someone who tried to save my money while growing up, I had to get creative with updating my accessories. I wouldn’t go out and buy new stuff often, so whenever I was invited to parties, I had to bust out my DIY skills and give my clothes and jewelry some changes. Not that they were bad in the first place, but if you wear the same necklace everywhere, it can start to get a little boring. Sure, you could buy a new one, but I was too stubborn to ever do that. So, I had to get creative. If you want to look amazing without spending hundreds, take a look at these easy ways to update your jewelry for next to nothing.

Are you going to try any of these DIY preojects? Tell us in the comments!

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