7 Of The Best Christmas Movies That Aren’t Technically Christmas Movies

There are plenty of Christmas classics out there, like It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas StoryMiracle on 34th Street, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas. They’re exactly what we want to watch while wrapped in a warm blanket with a plate full of cookies while the piney scent of a Christmas tree hangs in the air.

So… why is it that with all the Christmas viewing essentials at my disposal, I still end up wanting to watch a marathon of Harry Potter movies?

Seriously! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone isn’t a Christmas movie, but it is always on TV around the holidays. Why is that? I wish I had an answer, but I think we can all admit that there are some movies out there that we associate with Christmas even if we don’t see Santa Claus. Maybe because the movie is set around Christmastime, or there’s a Christmas tree in, like, one scene. Either way, there are plenty of movies that aren’t necessarily souly about the spirit of Christmas, and yet still manage to get us in the holiday spirit. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, check out these seven Christmas movies that aren’t exactly Christmas movies that you’ll probably end up watching on Christmas eve anyway.

Love Actually

Yes, this is everyone go to Christmas movie, even though it really isn't exactly about Christmas...it's just set around the holidays, involves a lot of family drama, and has a secular AF holiday concert thrown in. Good enough, right? Personally, I'm perfectly happy not watching this on Christmas (or ever...fight me), but there's no point denying its place as a Christmas classic.

Any of the Harry Potter Movies

This goes without saying. Didn't we all grow up watching TV around the holidays and always end up stumbling upon some Harry Potter marathon? Thanks, ABC Family. Er, I mean, Freeform. Hey, there's at least one Christmas scene in every movie, right? That counts, okay.

Edward Scissorhands

Okay, the snowy scenes in this movie are flat out gorgeous, as is the massive Christmas tree and the killer ice sculptures that Edward creates. Not exactly a feel good holiday movie, but it's still a fun one.

Die Hard

This is an action movie full of bullets and explosions and a muscled up Bruce Wilis. Yeah, not exactly Christmas fare. But it does take place on Christmas Eve, and there are a few Christmas references throughout. Definitely watch this one this year after all of the mushy holiday movies. Besides, Alan Rickman is in it (RIP) which should be enough reason to watch.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it a Christmas movie or is it a Halloween movie? Is it both? This ambiguity alone is enough of a reason to have this on the list. Luckily, it's perfect to watch on either holiday, so you can watch it at least twice a year without over doing it.


Uh, okay, if you want to be HORRIFIED this Christmas, Gremlins is the way to go. I mean, don't let those little Santa hats fool you, this movie is...not full of holiday cheer.

Coming To America

Honestly, there isn't anything all that Christmasy about this movie, but one of my friends watches it every holiday season. I can dig it: It's set in winter, everyone is cold and rocking fur, and it's a fun story. That's enough for me. I mean...look at those coats.

What other movies do you watch on Christmas that aren’t strictly Christmas movies? Tell us in the comments!

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