11 Of The Best Tweets About #TheFlipFlops

If you have been on the internet at all today, you will know that there is a new matter of national discourse that could very likely tear our country apart. It’s not the results of the recent election. It’s not that whole Hamilton debacle you’ve been hearing way too much about lately. It’s not climate change, either. (Though we probably should be talking about that!) It is, simply, The Flip Flops.

The question is this: What color are they, exactly? Some people see white and gold,some see blue and gray, and others see blue and black. This, if you will recall, is the exact same optical illusion that rocked the nation back in 2015 with The Dress, in which some people (the wrong ones) saw white and gold, and other people (the right ones) saw black and blue.

This doesn’t really live up to that same kind of hysteria–though, honestly, what could?–but it’s still a pretty good contender. For what it’s worth, Havaianas has actually come forward and comfirmed that the flip flops are actually two different shades of blue. Still, if you saw one color, you probably still see that color and–if you are anything like me, that is–may or may not be willing to fight to the death for it. I don’t know.  Anyway, if you can bear the trauma of it all, check out the best tweets about the flip flops right here, so you can decide for yourself what color they actually are:

1. Some entered the arena swinging:


2. Others were a little more cautious:


3. Even minor internet stars entered the fray:


4. Welp:


5. Not a bad point here:


6. Nope. Just kidding. This is the only thing that matters:


7. Why learn a lesson when you can…not learn it instead?


8. Everyone is trying to get in on this narrative:


9. Cabbage, indeed:


10. Maybe this can…help some people out?


11. Words to live by:

What color did you see? Does this live up to the dress? Let us know in the comments!

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