21 Super Cozy Gifts You’ll Love If You’re Always Cold

As I compile this gift guide for cozy, warming products, I am sitting at my desk in my office, wrapped in a long knit cardigan and a blanket scarf, wearing suede over-the-knee boots and a beanie, shivering. It’s the first really cold day of the season here in NYC, and I am freezing (not that it takes that much work for me to be freezing – the other day, as my co-worker and I walked to a workout class, I whined about the 50 degree weather nonstop). So, it is safe to say that I am one of the people who will need these cozy gifts for cold people. 

If you are also always cold, you know how I feel. You love to wear big hoodies, you sleep under piles of blankets, you’re always freezing when someone insists on opening the window because they’re hot, you keep the heat on at all times, and own a million different pairs of socks. Being cold a lot is not great, especially in the winter, when things only get worse. But at least you can dress the part! The below gift options are all ridiculousy cute and practical – they’ll keep you toasty and warm throughout the season and you’ll definitely want to show them off. Check out these cozy gifts for people who are always cold: 

1. A Warming Pillow


Yes, this is a heated pillow that looks like a giant s’more. Yes, it is proof that heaven is real. I mean, come on – imagine cuddling up with this pillow. You’ll be so cozy!

S’mores Pillow Warmer, $49.99, Smoko


2. Sweater Leggings


Leggings are so, so comfortable, but I often find that they are also usually too thin to stand up against cold weather. Combat this problem with these sweater leggings. It’s like wearing a sweater on your legs – not only are they super cute, but they’ll be much warmer.

Byzantine Sweater Leggings, $49.95, Free People


3. A Big Blanket 


Few things are better than wrapping yourself in a giant, warm blanket when you’re freezing cold. This faux fur blanket from Urban Outfitters is the definition of cozy. It will keep you toasty, and it will look amazing in your bedroom.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $89, Urban Outfitters


4. A Pocket Scarf


Do you ever wrap yourself in layers but forget your gloves? It happens to me all the time for some reason. A pocket scarf like this one keeps your hands toasty with or without gloves or mittens.

Shawl Collar Pocket Scarf, $49, Urban Outfitters


5. Flannel Pajamas


Sleeping when shivering is… not easy. Ask for a pair of super cozy pajamas this year so that you can feel warm without piling on the blankets. Aerie makes my favorite flannel PJs – they’re warm without being too heavy, and they’re super soft and comfy.

Aerie Flannel Jogger, $34.99, Aerie


6. Earmuff Headphones


On really cold days, I love wearing a pair of fluffy earmuffs over my beanie, which doesn’t always keep my ears warm enough. Earmuffs are also great for the days I don’t want to mess with my hair with a hat. Unfortunately, wearing earbuds under them is quite uncomfortable. These headphone earmuffs solve that problem, and look cute to boot.

Earmuff Headphones, $28, Free People


7. Hand Warmers


If you sit in a cold office all day, or you know someone who does, these toast handwarmers make a truly terrific gift. They plug into a USB, then go over your hands and keep them nice and warm while typing. And they’re adorable!

Crust Be Dreaming USB Hand Warmers, $39.99, Modcloth


8. A Blanket Scarf


A blanket scarf is the best kind of scarf, because when it’s not wrapped around your neck, you can use it like an actual blanket and not look weird. They’re so cozy, and this one from Modcloth is a great price.

Willamette For The Weekend Scarf, $24.99, Modcloth


9. A Cute Beanie


A good hat is essential for anyone who is always cold. I love this one that explains exactly how you’re feeling and still makes a great addition to any outfit.

Ktag Clothing Brrr Beanie, $30, Shop Nylon


10. A Buddha Bowl


I got one of these little Buddha Bowls a few months ago, and I love it. It’s designed so that you can hold it in your hands while you sip soup or tea, or just hold it one hand and use a spoon. It’s so warming and weirdly makes eating a little bit more fun.

The Original Buddha Bowl, $37.99, Houzz


11. Warming Slippers


Why wear regular slippers when you could wear foot warming slippers? These little whale foot warmers are beyond adorable, and they have the added bonus of actually giving comforting heat to your cold toes.

Sea-son To Snuggle USB Foot Warmers, $39.99, Modcloth


12. Knit Socks


A pair of knee over the knee knit socks are a must-have for anyone who is always cold. Wear them over leggings around the house, pair them with a long shirt when your feet are cold but the rest of you isn’t tht cold, or tuck them under your boots for an extra layer. These are so cute with the hanging strings.

UGG Sparkle Cable Knit Socks, $45, Nordstrom


13. A Cute Mug


As a very cold person, I spend a lot of my time warming myself up with tea or coffee – and obviously, a good mug is needed for that. I love the mugs from Anthropologie. They’re stupidly pretty.

Mimira Mug, $14, Anthropologie


14. Slippers To Wear Outside


Having a pair of slippers that can be worn outside is great. if you have to run to the store quickly or something like that, you can slip these on and feel cozier. I love these Bearpaw slippers, because they cover your whole foot and they’re SO warm.

Catelyn Slippers, $59.99, Bearpaw


15. A Mug Warmer


If you sit at a desk for work or know someone who does, this donut mug warmer is too cute to pass up. Plug it into a USB plug, then wait for it to warm up so it keeps your coffee or tea nice and hot. That way, you don’t need to rush to finish it!

Freshly Baked Cup Warmer, $12.99, Smoko


16. A Heated Foot Massager


Want to get luxurious this holiday? Ask for (or buy someone) this heated foot massager. It keeps feet nice and toasty, and gives you a relaxing break from the day.

Warming Foot Massager, $49.99, Sharper Image


17. Mini Hand Warmers


You know those little Hot Hands Hand Warmers? You can put them in your pockets or in the pockets of gloves for extra warmth. These are like those, except they’re much, much cuter.

Pusheen Handwarmers, $13, ASOS


18. A Heated Vest


If you’re trying to splurge this holiday season, or know someone who will spend a lot on you, ask for or buy this heated vest. It’s great for the person who spends a lot of time outdoors. You can layer this under a puffier winter jacket if you want.

Women’s Heated Puffy Vest, $159.99, Sharper Image


19. A Hot Water Bottle


If you’re never used a hot water bottle, you’re missing out. I love using mine to soothe menstrual cramps or back pain. They’re also great if you need some extra cozniess.

Paperchase Woodland Trails Hot Water Bottle, $18.50, ASOS


20. A Sherpa Jacket


This super cozy sherpa jacket is exactly what you need to get through the winter this year. It looks a lot more fun than a regular winter coat, and will keep you super comfy and warm.

AEO Ahh-mazingly Soft Sherpa Jacket, $35.97, American Eagle


21. A Sleeping Mask


Hey, you need all the warmth you can get, even on your face! A sleeping mask is great for anyone who is always cold because it’s just another cozy item that makes cuddling even easier.

Aerie Bunny Sleep Mask $15.95, Aerie

Which one of these cozy gifts are you going to ask for? What did we forget to add? Let me know in the comments.

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