15 People You Need To Block On Social Media Right Now

A lot of people seem to think that blocking someone on social media is rude, petty, and immature. I disagree. Blocking someone can be awesome, not to mention sometimes one hundred percent necessary. I mean, would you continue to hang out with someone who was acting rude and horrible to you IRL if you didn’t have to? Probably not. Then, by that logic, why would you put up with it online? Sure, they have a right to say whatever and act however they want on their social media page – but you also have the right to choose to block them. And, make no mistake, there are definitely some people you need to block right now.

I’m sure this election has brought to the forefront every one of your friends’ different points of view – and that’s fine! People can have different opinions than you – that’s part of what makes the world beautiful. Unfortunately, among the people just trying to voice their opinion are the people acting hateful and purposely making others feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Those are the people you don’t need to be friends with on social media. Do you really need to see what’s going on with their lives at all times? Probably not. Of course you could unfollow or unfriend, but even when you do that, people can still access your presence online. Yes, blocking seems harsh, but it’s sometimes necessary. We can all afford to be a little more discerning with who we allow into our space on the internet. Blocking these 15 people on social media right now is a good place to start.

1) The devil’s advocate.

The devil’s advocate is a phrase for someone who advocates for both sides of an issue, typically to help people gain perspective. And yes, some people do need to gain some of that perspective, and it can be a benefit of having different friends on social media. However, when that person starts showing up in every post you make just to dismantle what you say so they can “help” others, it becomes quite unfriendly. Bye. We know there’s two sides to every story, but sometimes, you need to let people voice their opinion.


2) Your lurking ex.

The rogue likes, late night messaging, disappearing for months at a time only to binge-like all of your profile pictures in one fell swoop right when you forgot all about them. Yeah, that ex has to go. Why do you keep them around anyway? Yes, attention feels good, but at what cost?


3) The ex you hate follow.

Jealousy sucks, and a hate follow is a one-way ticket on the thirst train to stalking their current GF and talking about her to your friends. This is a blackhole of Wasting Your Time And Energy that you just need to nip in the bud.


4) Your ex’s friends.

The Venn diagram of who gets what friends after a break up can be tenuous and tricky. More often than not, you have a lot of mutual friends. But those friends who weren’t ever your friends to begin with? The ones you made because they were purely your ex’s friends? They can go. They’re probably still friends with you for the sheer purpose of reporting back to your ex in the first place.


5) That person who hates everybody and everything.

They have nothing positive to say and are always blame shifting. It’s always someone else’s fault that they feel awful and they’ll throw anyone or anything under the bus in order to protect their blameless state and lack of responsibility. It’s always something, and that thing is usually misdirected anger. Who needs the negativity?


6) The troll.

They hijack your comments section and reroute it in a completely off-topic, more destructive way than you could’ve ever anticipated. And we’re constantly feigning surprise every time it happens. Who needs a troll? They’re only there to cause trouble and make people upset on purpose because it’s fun for them. Gross.


7) The human trigger.

They upset you! That’s all they need to be considered the personification of everything you actively try to avoid for your own sanity and safety. You could even agree with them and still have them be a trigger because, hello, you don’t need to see live feeds of slaughterhouses or hear bunnies screaming. Get that off your feed and block these people. Good or bad intentions, they can go.


8) The bully.

They’re just mean! They’re there to be mean. Even if they claim to be your friend, they don’t talk to you in a nice way and constantly put you down. They’re not good for your mental health.


9) The willingly ignorant.

Reposting memes based in lies may as well count as fake news because they take that information at face value and don’t question the legitimacy of the “facts” in them. Do you need to see yet another humor meme based in lies about this election? Let’s have less false equivalencies. You can still do political humor, but base it in reality kthanks.


10) The zealot.

They’re fanatical and unwavering in their point of view and they will not stop until you convert. It’s more of the same, constantly. No variance, no nuance, just the same old same old.


11) Sexual harassers.

Disguised as “compliments,” these people lurk in the shadows and upset you in subversive, undercutting ways. For example, I posted a screenshot of my web series of me and my co-star in the bathtub together and someone popped up in our mentions to say that he “wishes he was tangled up in our legs, too.” You can bet his ass got blocked.


12) The awful sexist.

Constantly objectifying women, degrading them in memes, and otherwise devaluing women as people and disrespecting their point of view? I don’t have the time or energy to explain why their behavior is gross, personally. Bye, we won’t miss you.


13) The uncomfortable stalker.

The relative stranger who’s borderline obsessed with you. It’s uncomfortable how much attention they’re eager to give you. Why this happens, no one knows, but it’s weird and their presence always feels a little unwelcome.


14) The stranger.

They’re always at the top of your feed and you don’t know why. You maybe had one class together and didn’t even speak a lot when you did. So, why does the social media algorithm deem that you care the most about what they think? Yet, there they are. Why? Get rid of them, they’re taking up space. No one needs more than a thousand friends.


15) That person who keeps inviting you to play THIS GAME even though you haven’t spoken in years.


Who have you blocked on social media? Have you ever blocked someone or are you against it? Let us know in the comments!

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