12 Life-Saving Modern Luxury Gadgets That Are Actually Worth The Money

We live in a world full of gadgets. As my grandmother would say, these days, there is a product for whatever you need, no matter how random that might be. There are hand warmers if your hands get cold while using the computer. There are vacuums that act like tiny, dust-sucking robots (Roombas, please buy me one). There are phone cases that act as professional projectors. I just purchased a tiny little herb stripper and cherry pit remover. Why? Because they exist, and honestly, removing the pits from my cherries and olives is tiring.

There are so many of these little modern luxury gadgets out there that it can be very overwhelming. After a while, you start to wonder if the products you hear people rave about actually work. You think, “eh, people got by for years without this thing. I don’t need to spend money on it.” And maybe you don’t! That’s true for a lot of little tech gadgets out there – they make your life easier and more convenient, but they aren’t 100 percent necessary. You could get the job done without them, it just might take longer and require more effort. But then there are the modern luxury gadgets that are actually totally worth your money, the ones that show us how much technology has improved. Because, honestly, why not make your life a little bit easier for some cash?

The modern luxury gadget that I swear by is (okay there is more than one, but I really love this one) a remote starter for my car. My boyfriend surprised me with it one year as a gift, and now I cannot stand getting into a car that does not offer a remote starter. I mean, what are you even doing if you’re not letting your car heat up for 15 minutes before you get into it? I’m kidding (a little bit), but the remote starter has made my driving much more comfortable and has made me very happy. I recommend it to everyone! That said, let’s go over some more fun gadgets you should get, according to Reddit users who love them. Here are a few modern luxuries that are worth every penny:

A Heated Blanket

Satanthekittycat: "An electric blanket. I ended up getting one for Christmas one year. It made winter so much cozier."

I always hear people rave about electric, heated blankets - my sister has one, and she's obsessed with it. They're not very expensive, and they're ideal if you're that person who is always cold - especially if you live in a dorm room.

Buy it from Amazon for $44.95

A Garment Steamer

lrj25: My garment steamer. Never having to iron ever again has been so stress relieving. 10 years now iron-free!

To be blunt, ironing sucks. I got myself a steamer about a year ago, and I'll never go back. It heats up quickly and works fast to get rid of wrinkles. It's just easier to use than an iron and takes up a lot less space.

Buy from Target for $29.99

Bluetooth Earbuds

snapkangaroo: Bluetooth headphones. It's so much nicer at the gym not worrying about my headphones getting wrapped around anything.

You know how everyone flipped out when Apple said they were getting rid of the headphone jack and offering Bluetooth earbuds? I get it, but also, I don't. Bluetooth earbuds are AWESOME. I have these LG Tone Active Plus earbuds, and I love them. They sit comfortably around your neck, retract the wires so they don't get tangled, and leave your phone alone. They're great, and totally worth the money.

Buy from LG for $179.99

An Epilator

searedscallops: I recently bought a Braun epilator. I'm a hairy gal and have been wrestling with hair removal methods for decades. This thing is friggin amazing.

If you struggle with hair removal, getting an epilator might make your life a little bit easier. It's pricey, but replacing waxing prices for a while? I'm down.

Buy from Braun for $149.99

A Sunrise Lamp

mmmsoap: A sunrise lamp. Seriously, it makes waking up in the New England winter at least not make me want to kill myself. Total game changer for getting up in the morning.

A sunrise lamp is pretty genius for anyone who wakes up super early. The light mimics the light of a sunrise, going from dim to brighter in a natural way that makes waking up in the dark a lot easier. Think about it: waking up in the dark makes you want to go back to sleep. Waking up in natural "sunlight" helps you get out of bed. I might actually buy this.

Buy from Amazon for $133.57

A Waterproof Backpack

paronapanorama: My waterproof backpack.

No explanation, but I don't really think one is needed. A waterproof backpack is great for keeping your stuff safe, especially if you walk to school or go to school on a large campus that requires some walking in between classes. Nothing is worse than realizing rain has soaked through your bag, leaving notebooks and textbooks soggy.

Buy from The North Face for $89

An Instant Espresso Machine

GretchenToBe: A Nespresso espresso machine. $1.95 in capsules for my morning triple mocha instead of $6.00 (including tip) at Starbucks. No waiting in line either.

Starbucks junkies, this is an item worth investing in. The instant espresso machine works like a Keurig, except it gives you espresso and not coffee. It's awesome! If this is too pricey for you, get a Keurig. It's just coffee, but it's really easy to use and tastes good too.

Buy from Nespresso for $249.99

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

msstark: I have a waterproof bluetooth speaker, so I can listen to music in the shower and not fry my MacBook with the steam.

What's better than listening to your favorite music in the shower? I'm always surprised when people don't have waterproof speakers - they're great. This little guy is inexpensive and works really well - I have two!

Buy from Amazon for $15.79

A Sonicare Toothbrush

crazyheather: Sonicare toothbrushes are life-changing.

You probably think spending over $200 on a toothbrush is insane, but people swear by these. Sonicare toothbrushes clean your teeth and gums more thoroughly, getting rid of more bacteria and icky stuff, leaving your teeth whiter, your breath more minty, and your gums healthier. It will cut down on your visits to the dentist! Has to be worth it.

Buy from Phillips for $219.99

A Tablet Stand

PharmacyThumbprint: iPad stand. Trying to prop that thing up with books or pillows or whatever is ill-advised. First of all, it's GONNA slide or fall to the floor. It might not crack the screen the first time; but the risk just isn't worth it. Now my iPad is securely positioned and I don't have to worry about mishaps.

It's true - iPads are notoriously difficult to hold. Mine ALWAYS falls. It's a big first world problem, but what can you do? Everything here basically is. Anyway, a stand like this one will definitely come in handy and make your tablet more usable.

Buy this from Amazon for $17.99

A Streaming Stick

Bellalion9: Chromecast and Amazon Firesticks are awesome and affordable! Being able to cast from your phone directly to your tv is so convenient!

I feel like I've been singing the praises of a Google Chromecast for years, but for good reason! This streaming stick takes five minutes to set up, then streams anything from your computer or tablet to your TV. Genius!

Buy a Chromecast from Best Buy for $35

A Cool Pillow

sheologian: My wonderful, amazing boyfriend got me a pillow that is always cool for my birthday. It has some kind of gel in it that makes it that way. Entirely underrated, however it works.

If you love a cold pillow, you need this. It will make your sleep so much better!

Buy from Amazon for $33.31

Which one of these gadgets do you already own? What did I forget to include? Let me know in the comments.

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