10 Of The Best Whisper Confessions From Single People

Being single, as we have told you many, many times before, is totally fine. Really. It’s fine when you’re in high school, it’s fine when you’re in college, and it’s fine when you’re at any point on either side of those spectrums. Not being attached to someone else doesn’t make you any less of a person, just as being in a relationship doesn’t make you any more of a person, since it’s just, you know, a relationship. Not actually you as, like, a whole.

You know all this already, of course. But at certain points, you’ve probably felt as though being single really isn’t fine with you, personally, at any given moment in time. This is also okay. You’re definitely not the only person in the world who, in the face of cuffing season, couple-centric focus of the holiday season, and the seemingly omnipresent relationship goals pictures that permeate the internet (and possibly a few sorta-naggy questions from your mom?) has felt a little, well, lonely. This isn’t a crime, obviously, but it’s important to remember that you really aren’t alone. There are tons of single people out there (dozens, in fact) whose mere presence can make you feel significantly better about your own single status, simply on the basis of, well, company. And one of the best places to find said single people is on the Whisper app, a place where people can anonymously make confessions about whatever they feel like. So, check out these Whisper confessions from other single people that, if you’re feeling down, will probably help you feel less alone:

You Can Focus On Next Steps

It is totally, 100% fine to feel down every now and then about being single. A lot of people do. But a good way to combat any melancholy you may be feeling is to channel it into making plans for the future. This could be studying a little more, getting involved in extracurriclar activities, or working on any side projects you've been putting off. This way, you'll achieve a goal or develop a new passion that has nothing to do with whether you're single or in a relationship.

Image source:Whisper App

You Can Be Shameless With Body Hair

You *can* maintain your body hair when you're in a relationship, of course. Your body is your own whether you're in a relationship or not. But being single does make it easier to really just, like, let it loose.

Image source:Whisper App

Makes Things Less Complicated

It is true that if (when?) the person you have on a poster in your bedroom confesses their love to you, being single limits any hard decisions you'd have to make.

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The Bed Is All Yours

Hey, sleeping with people (as in, like, the act of literally falling asleep with them) can be hard. Wanting your own bed isn't selfish--it's self care.

Image source:Whisper App

You Can Still Do The Important Stuff

Speaking of self care--this is what really matters, right?

Image source:Whisper App

Being Single = More Flowers

If you're into metaphors, this is as good a one as any.

Image source:Whisper App

It's Better Than Doing The Wrong Thing

Words to live by!

Image source:Whisper App

Why Limit Yourself?

Some might say that "hell" is just a bit dramatic. Others, I assume, would say it is not dramatic enough.

Image source:Whisper App

Helps Keep Your Priorities Straight

I hope you aren't saying "sorry" to your dog that often? And that you are also apologizing people if, say, you accidentally stomp on their foot in the street? But, uh, yes. The point still stands.

Image source:Whisper App

Being Single Means You Are ~Free~

You read it on the Whisper App first.

Image source:Whisper App



What do you think of these confessions? Did you relate to any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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