8 Winter Fashion Rules You Should Definitely Ignore

Winter means cold weather and shorter days, which isn’t always ideal… but this year, winter also means the end of 2016 is near, and I think we can all agree that that deserves a celebration. Anyone else itching for it to be over? Before you get too excited, remember that winter also means rotating your closet to start wearing clothes for cool weather. Winter fashion is its own game. It plays by its own rules and some of them are just not worth following. I’m sure you can see this coming from a mile away, but there are hardly any fashion rules worth following, really. It’s worth reminding you anyway!

Like I said, this year was a little too much in all the wrong ways, and if you like fashion, doing something awesome with your clothes might make you feel better. I’m fully convinced that fashion rules exist so that we all coordinate with each other without trying. There’s no other reason than to be on trend. We all follow enough rules anyway, so why extend that to your wardrobe? Throw those winter fashion rules out the window and lean really hard into doing something opposite. Do whatever you want. In the words of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford: “treat yo’self. It might put less strain on transitioning your closet and maybe open up some new possibilities with looks you may have never considered before. Who knows? These are eight winter fashion rules that you should totally ignore.

Uggs Are Gross

Before you say anything, I know: Uggs are disgusting, they're the epitome of basic, they aren't even that cute, they're just sleeves of shearling, they're structurally not that great because of that gross floppy ankle crease that happens, but you know what? I don't care. I know they went out of fashion years and years ago and there are other warm boot options, but Uggs are forever. Winter is the only time it's appropriate to wear them, so it's Ugg season all winter long. Feast your eyes, haters. These bad boys aren't going anywhere.

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You Have To Rock Velvet, Fur, Or Sequins

You don't have to resonate with all of the winter trends, such as velvet, fur, sequins, and glitter. It doesn't make you unfashionable. Personally, velvet reminds me of those horrible holiday dresses my parents bought me and made me sweat and itch, so that's a big no thank you. Trends aren't for everybody. There's plenty of other looks you can engage with.

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You Can't Go Sleeveless

That's what layering is for! You can transition sleeveless dresses with sweaters, jackets, and tights. You shouldn't just put your winter coat over a sleeveless dress and hope for the best - that's a recipe for freezing - but there's no reason you should just abandon this look altogether. Some girls really love showing off their arms! You can even layer turtlenecks with strappy dresses. Go nuts! I feel like the cutest sleeveless dresses are always out during the winter just to tease us, but who cares? Just get them and make them work.

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Everything Has To Be Monochrome And Muted

Muted colors are cool. I am all for a monochrome look. All black is chic. However, it doesn't always have to be that way. Get some bold pieces for winter to brighten up your wardrobe. Pick a dress in bright yellow, some patterned leggings, or bold statement shoes and accessories. There's no leaves on the trees, the flowers went away, there's snow on the ground, but that doesn't mean you have to blend in with your environment. Stand out. You can still wear pastels for all anyone cares. Have fun power clashing. All of the fun you typically have with experimenting with your look and fashion doesn't have to go away when it's winter. You can keep doing you.

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Put Sundresses Away

It's about to drop several tens of degrees, but that's what tights, boots, and sweaters are for. Also, in case we all forgot, you don't have to hang out outdoors all of winter. Once you get inside, where it's heated, you can take your coat and sweater off and voila - you are comfortable again, and cute as hell in that dress. Sundresses actually make adorable winter outfits with the right additions. You can always layer with sweaters, tights, boots, jackets, and hats. Don't give up on your autumn dresses just yet! They're low key the MVPs of winter fashion.

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You Should Wear Red and Green During The Holidays

Winter is holiday season and real talk, you're about to walk into holiday party after holiday party to a sea of people in red and green sweaters and dresses. But wait! There are so many more holiday colors out there, like white, brown, and blue, if you're Jewish. Then there's always the metallic shininess that happens each holiday season where you can wear a gold or silver dress without looking extra. Diversify your wardobe, why don't ya? Red is the obvious choice, so pick something else. The world has enough people attempting to go Sexy Santa, so be a sexy snowflake - okay, that was bad, but you see where I'm going right? There's more to dressing for the holidays than wearing red.

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Avoid Heels

People encourage you to stay away from heels in the winter because of ice, but you know what? It won't be there all the time. If you still like your heeled booties from fall, wear them. As long as there's traction on the soles of your shoes, you should be okay. However, if there' more slick on the bottom, you might come into some slippage difficulties. Winter usually means lowering your heels in the name of safety, but if you're a heels girl, you can still wear them no problem. You'll probably be better off since you're used to it.

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You Can't Wear White After Labor Day

Look, sometimes you want to look like a snow bunny. I am all for a sensible winter white. I'm not just talking about a cozy white sweater. I'm not talking about off white or cream, either. If you want to still wear your white jeans, a white dress, or a white overcoat, I am here for you. I love that look. Yes, we all know that wearing white after Labor Day is supposed to be the one fashion rule we all follow despite all odds, but that's weird. Winter feels like the most appropriate time to wear white because of snow. Even if it doesn't snow where you live and you live in a warmer climate, even better! What a practical way to dress for the season and still stay comfortable. It's a no brainer.

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Which winter fashion rules do you break? Which ones do you follow? What’s your favorite winter look? Let us know in the comments!

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