10 Sex Toys That You Wear On Your Fingers

If I were to tell you to close your eyes and picture a sex toy, I know that almost every one of y’all would be picturing a dildo shaped like a peen. That’s what I would be picturing, too. There are a lot of different sex toys out there, but that is the sort of thing that first comes to mind.

If you’re looking to expand your drawer full of sex toys beyond vibrators, you have a lot of options. One cool category worth checking out is sex toys you can wear on your fingers. I know it might seem odd at first because you’re essentially wearing a sex toy like a ring, but when you have a play around with them, you’ll be convinced about how amazing they can be. They may be small in size, but they deliver a lot of pleasure.

If you need more reasons to love finger sex toys, here they are: You don’t need some massive box to store them. You can stash a bunch of them easily in your nightstand. Heck, you could even keep them in your jewelry box if you feel so inclined. Next, you can wear them when you’re by yourself or you and bae can wear ’em together. Lastly, because the sex toys are tiny, they are usually very affordable. It’s not like they’re made of gold and diamond like your rings.

If you’re curious about trying sex toys on your fingers, I’ve rounded up some interesting options to get your started. Take a look at 10 sex toys for your fingers.

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