16 Super Cool Room Decoration Gifts To Ask For This Year

Like most people in the free world, I am physically and mentally incapable of accepting that it is actually the holiday season until goop–Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website that is known for encouraging women to steam their vaginas, among other things–releases its annual gift guide. I find it soothing to lust over aesthetically appealing, totally useless products that I know I neither need nor will ever be able to afford, you see, in the way that being swaddled in a tight sweater has the ability to bring about comort to a dog with a bad case of anxiety.

Anyway, I am always thrilled about the goop gift guide, but this year–which has, by a lot of standards, been a rough one–I needed it more than ever. And, thankfully, when it dropped last night, it did not disappoint. (A few highlights from year’s edition includes a jewel-encrusted custom pet pendant, a home sauna, and, of course, and almost ten thousand dollar yurt.) Still, as fun as it is to look at everything on goop’s guide, the fact remains that most things on it are out of most people’s price range, which, in turn, means it not the best gift guide in, like, a practical sense. If an $8,300 yurt or $2,295 self-service sauna feels just a little out of range, check out these super cool room decorations that will help your living space feel just a little more luxe:

1. We are firmly pro-succulent plant here at Gurl.  I mean, just look at them! They’re such a good way to brighten up a room. Ask for one (or two, or eight) this year:


Buy it here for $32


2. You can put them in a terrarium like this, too–or just use the terrarium as a piece of decor on its own:


Buy it here for $60


3. Then, place your succulent/terrarium/whatever you want on this floating beam:


Buy it here for $28


4. Anyway. Moving on from succulents, this is a really cute bulletin board that you can stick anything from school assignments to pricutres of your friends on:


Buy it here for $13.99


5. And here are some push pins to use to, you know, actually make things stick there:


Buy here for $9


6. Here’s something to put on your wall to remind you of what’s really important!room3

Buy it here for $4


7. Equally important!


Buy it here for $12


8. This is technically supposed to be used for a party, but honestly, it’s a good message for daily life too, right?room4

Buy it here for $12.99


9. Hang this over your bed so you remember what you’re supposed to do!


Buy it here for $19.57


10. This Frida Kahlo moon works, too:room6

Buy it here for $4.90


11. You’ve probably got makeup (or pencils, or something) strewn all over your room. Make them look organized with minimal effort with these containers:


Buy it here for $12.06


12. Here is a doughnut pillow for every flight of whimsy you may experience over the course of your life!


Buy it here for $35


13. Here is an equally whimsical, goop-appropriate burlap decorative pillow:room11

Buy it here for $30.


14. Got lots of photos that you know you want to hang up? Get this photo light display that organizes them and looks super cool:room12

Buy it here for $25.50


15. Neon is in right now! Cop your own sign that says exactly what you are:room13

Buy it here for $25


16. Perhaps you are in the market for a clock that reminds you that time is a flat circle? If so, this is the timepiece for you:

Buy it here for $48


What do you think of these room decorations? Are there any that you’re going to ask for? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.


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