9 Simple Ways To Be Unapologetically Petty

I didn’t consider myself a petty person until I recently subtweeted my ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t mean, but it wasn’t nice either. He doesn’t follow me, so I didn’t think he would see it. Spoiler alert: he did. This is when I realized that I was petty. I didn’t care that he saw it. I didn’t care that anybody saw it. I mean, it was a funny tweet. I said what I said and I meant it, and I definitely didn’t regret it. And that, my dear petty friends, it being petty AF. 

Being petty is being stubborn and unapologetic. Being petty is starting every sentence out with “I just think it’s funny how…” even when it’s so clearly NOT funny and you’re about to go off on someone. Being petty is calling out dumb people for doing dumb things and not worrying about what they say back at you. Being petty is…important. Obviously, I’m not saying you should be mean to everyone all the time, but it’s important to stand your ground. If your crush did something awful to you, don’t just mope about it. Be PETTY.  Post a cute selfie on Instgram that he will definitely see. Let the world know you are a strong lady who isn’t ashamed to call people out for being sucky or doing something annoying.

If you don’t know how to be petty, no worries. I am going to teach you how to be petty, but only in the necessary situations. You don’t have to act this way to everyone, in fact, you definitely shouldn’t do that because that’s just rude. You want to be a ~classy~ girl who can take care of herself and who just happens to be a little passive aggressive sometimes. If you need help, take a look at these tips for being a petty person:

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