21 Ridiculously Cool Unicorn Gifts To Ask For This Year

Unicorns are enjoying a moment right now, and personally, I’m all about it. Unicorns make me, and probably everyone else, think of all things magical and aesthetically pleasing: rainbows, sparkles, glitter, and the possibility of something enchanting. Plus, they’re just really adorable. They can make any clothing item, accessory, or random home decor look more whimsical and colorful, which we could all use sometimes. So, if you’re a unicorn lover, or you just want some fun gifts this holiday, you should definitely considering asking for some of these unicorn gift ideas. Or, uh, all of them.

From clothing to accessories to tech items to shoes, unicorns have invaded pretty much everything, and it’s hard to pick a favorite. If you want something bold and in your face, there are plenty of items here that you’ll love. If you’d rather go for something a little bit more subtle, we have a lot of those too. Basically, there’s something for everyone, even if you’re not 100 percent obsessed with unicorns. Here are a few magical gifts you should ask for this year – or, at the very least, buy for the unicorn lover in your life.

1. A Cute Unicorn Tank


This muscle tee is perfect for sleeping, hanging out, wearing under a cardigan, wearing over a mock turtleneck, or even wearing to the gym. It’s also adorable. Why not ask for it?

Social Decay Spirit Animal Muscle Tee, $48, Nasty Gal


2. A Unicorn Bathrobe 


A robe will keep you toasty and warm throughout the winter, making it the perfect holiday gift. And this one could not be cuter! It has to earn a spot on your wish list.

ASOS Unicorn Robe, $46, ASOS


3. Zombie Unicorn Patch


If you love the magic of unicorns, but not the ultra femininity that often accompanies it in products, you need to get this zombie unicorn patch as a gift. It’s so cool and will make a great addition to any bag or jacket you own.

Band of Weirdos Zombie Unicorn Patch, $8, Shop Nylon


4. Unicorn Flats


These magical metallic unicorn flats are so cute I want to scream. They’ll look awesome with a pair of black tights through the winter, and will brighten up any outfit.

ASOS Lulamoon Unicorn Ballet Flats, $38, ASOS

5. A Unicorn Coloring Book


An adult coloring book makes a great gift, especially when it’s as pretty as this one. It’s super affordable, and will keep you busy (and stress free) for hours.

Keep Calm and Color Unicorns Book, $10, Topshop


6. A Unicorn Power Bank


If you don’t already have a power bank, how have you been living? Even if you do, ask for this one. It’s an adorable accessory that will also make your life a lot easier.

Wattzup Unicorn Power Bank, $40, Dolls Kill


7. A Unicorn Terrarium


A terrarium is the perfect way to start getting into plants, because it’s super low-maintenance and fun to put together. Use it to spruce up your bedroom or add some life anywhere in your house. This one, with the little unicorn figure and blue stones, is a great gift.

Unicorn Terrarium, $38, Shop Nylon


8. Unicorn Space Pajamas


This PJ set looks so cute and so comfortable. The top is so fun that you could even get away with wearing it as a regular shirt.

ASOS Unicorn In Space Pajamas, $31, ASOS


9. Unicorn Queen Sunglasses 


Okay, yes, these sunglasses are a little OTT, but they’re also so much fun. And if there’s ever a time to ask for something you want but don’t need, it’s the holidays.

Rad + Refined Unicorn Queen Sunglasses, $48, Shop Nylon


10. A Unicorn Hat


Baseball caps are super trendy right now, and if you’re going to wear one, you should pick a fun one with a statement. This hat is sassy and adorable.

You Mad Dad Hat, $20, Dolls Kill


11. A Unicorn Pool Float


You might have to wait a few months to use this, but it’s worth it. Imagine how much fun you’ll have lounging on this float in your pool.

Mr. and Mrs Jones Unicorn Inflatable, $88, ASOS


12. A Unicorn Pin


I love the sparkly white color of this pin, and I love the inspirational saying even more. Use this to spruce up a denim jacket or a handbag.

Little Arrow Unicorn Day Dreams Enamel Pin, $10, Gypsy Warrior


13. A Unicorn Phone Case


We could all use a new phone case, and the holidays is the perfect time to ask for one. This magical looking, sparkly case is definitely eye catching.

Skinnydip London GlitterUnicorn iPhone Case, $28, Nasty Gal


14. Unicorn Slippers


How great are these unicorn slippers? I have a similar pair and I’m obsessed with them. Stay cozy this winter with this perfect gift.

New Look Glitter Contrast Unicorn Slippers, $23, ASOS


15. A Unicorn Sweatshirt


I love this option because it’s simple but still really cute. If you love unicorns but don’t want to plaster them all over the place, this subtle nod to them is ideal for you.

Unicorn Graphic Sweatshirt, $17.90, Forever 21


16. A Lighter Unicorn Robe


That fuzzy, hooded unicorn robe is awesome, but sometimes you don’t want something that heavy. This lighter robe is just as magical in a different way, and it’s great for any season.

Out From Under Unicorn Embroidered Robe, $79, Urban Outfitters


17. A Unicorn Dish


This little dish is the perfect spot for your rings and also makes for a great touch of home deocr in your bedroom.

Unicorn Ring Holder Dish, $6.90, Forever 21


18. Unicorn Pajamas


These pastel colored unicorn PJs look so comfortable, like the perfect thing to slip on when you’re going to be watching Netflix all day. Obsessed!

ASOS Curve Unicorn Print Tee and Pajama Pant Set, $37, ASOS


19. A Unicorn Tee


There’s something about this tee that I absolutely love. It’s fun, it’s different, and it’s a little bit out there.

Believe Tee, $28, Dolls Kill


20. A Unicorn Tote


There are so many things you can use this cute bag for, whether it’s grocery shopping, carrying extra items to school, or just using it as gym bag. It’s so fun!

Unicorn Graphic Eco Tote, $2.90, Forever 21


21. A Unicorn Mug


This mug is adorable and describes everyone’s feelings before they have their coffee in the morning. You need this, trust me.

Whatever Unicorn Mug, $15.20, Look Human

Which one of these unicorn gifts is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Let me know in the comments!

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