14 “Beginning Of 2016 Vs Now” Tweets That You’ll Relate To

Not to freak you out or anything, but we’ve got just over a month left of 2016. And BOY, what a year it was. We had the election from the depths of hell, the memes that destroyed memes, not to mention the Harambe indecent that ruined everything ever. Even Brad and Angelina broke up. It was THAT bad. If there is one thing good that came out of 2016, it was…Finding Dory? Ariana Grande’s new album? I don’t know, nothing is really coming to me right now, but I’m sure that some good things happened in 2016, somewhere.

I’m going to go ahead and go out on a limb here and say that we all had high hopes for this year. You’ve heard the phrase “new year, new you,” right? We were all going to start exercising and eating quinoa and getting to bed early and being so productive in 2016. At least, that’s what my goal was. Now here we are, 11 months later and the whole world is a mess. Can anyone else relate? Of course you can. The beginning of the year is full of possibilities, while the end is when you realize that you actually never got anything done. That, in addition to all of the bad current events that happened this year, leads me to say that 2016 was, in simple terms, the worst year ever. If you agree, check out these tweets that probably describe you in the beginning of 2016 vs now. And probably 2017. It’s been a tough year, guys, what can I say.

1. This about sums it all up:


2. Well, he’s still smiling, so that’s a good sign, right?


3. I mean true, but, is she….okay?


4. Everything died this year. 2017 is cancelled.


5. Don’t know who this guys is, but he’s me rn.

6. 🙁


7. We can’t do a post without Kermit.


8. This tweet is real because I, for one, cried at least 365 times this year. And it’s not even over.


9. The most relatable, IMO.


10. Maybe next year????


11. Ouch, but true.


12. It was THAT BAD.




14. New year, same me.


Which one of these tweets did you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments!

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