16 Best Examples Of The “Me, An Intellectual” Meme

Over the past year or so, Tumblr has been responsible for a good deal of what–in my opinion–are some of the most influential memes of our time. There was the Tag Yourself meme. Dat boi. Don’t talk to me or my son ever again. The latest Tumblr meme? Me, an intellectual. This one has actually been around for a while, but it’s proven itself to be a lasting concept, I think. The idea behind it is simple–basically, all it requires is for you to think of yourself as the last person on earth with a fully-functioning brain, while everyone else around you is languishing around in a constant, blissful, state of idiocy.

Everyone can relate to this on some level, I think. Even if you are, as most of us happen to be, a deeply lazy person who finds even the most minute and mundane tasks to be unmanagable, this does not detract from your overall intelligence. It may, in fact, even add to it. See, while everyone else is doing boring, everyday tasks like “homework” and “chores, you–an intellectual–have been tasked with the burden of pondering upon the deepest mysteries of the universe. It’s no wonder yo’re a little cranky. So, check out these truly amazing examples of the “me, an intellectual meme” that are sure to put you on the road to high-minded success:

1. It is possible to be sensual and sensible, you know:



2. See?



3. The reason for the season, truly:



4. Find the lie?



5. There literally is no lie to be found here, you see:



6. Same:



7. Wait:






9. It’s actually Scoobert Doobert, technically, but whatever:



10. Welp:



11. I just…



12. True!



13. There are good ones on Twitter too, by the way:


14. Like…


15. This one flips the narrative!


16. Interesting! Everything old is new again, as they say:


What do you think of this meme? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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