7 Ways To Figure Out What Your BF Wants For The Holidays Without Asking

I’m about to celebrate my third Christmas with my boyfriend, and I’m going to be real: It can still be a little nervewracking figuring out what to get the dude. This might seem ridiculous because, well, after all this time together, gift giving should be a breeze, right? Wrong. It’s one thing to know what your boyfriend likes, it’s another thing to actually figure out what would be a good gift.

Last Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a suitcase. That’s not the sexiest of gifts, of course, and obviously I would have been happy to have a new sweater, or a vinyl record, or some makeup. But in the end, that suitcase was one of the best gifts I could have gotten. Why? Because it showed that he actually paid attention to me. He knew that I was struggling with my duffle bag situation everytime I traveled, and that it was killing my back and shoulders. He bought me a suitcase because he was considerate enough to get me something that wouldn’t just make me happy or look cute, but something that would make my life easier. And guess what? It has. I’ve used it a ton over the past year and I would probably be complaining of neck and back pain if he didn’t buy me that damn thing.

So, yeah, there’s an…science, almost, to gift giving, and it’s all based on a bunch of factors: how long you’ve been together, what their interests are, what have they been doing lately, what do they need? I’ll break it down for you: Here are seven ways to figure out what to get your boyfriend for the holidays.

Give Him An Upgrade

UPGRADE GIFTS ARE THE BEST. Is his wallet an effing disaster? Get him a new one; a simple leather one is always a good bet. Does he have a tendency to wear a cologne that smells like Axe’s evil brother? Buy him a nice smelling aftershave instead. Are the shoelaces on the shoes he wears every…single…day…falling apart at the seams, and he hasn’t done a damn thing about it? Yo, buy him some new shoelaces. It might seem silly, but I bet you he’ll get a kick out of your gift.


Think About Something He'll Use On A Regular Basis

The best gifts don’t’ have to be expensive or flashy. Some of the best gifts are just things that you’ll actually get a lot of use out of. A watch is a good example. It might not be super alluring, but it’s useful AF. Is your BF experiencing acne? Cop him some nice skincare products. Think about what you know he'll use and you'll be set.


Don't Buy A Gift For Him That's Low Key For Yourself

Woof, this is always awkward. Look, you might be team turtleneck, but just because the idea of your BF wearing a turtleneck makes you horned up, doesn’t mean you should buy him one as a gift. Your gift to him should be something you think he'll actually like, not something you like and hope for the best. Plus, you’re wasting your money if you’re buying your BF a gift to help mold him into some version of himself that you’ll prefer. He’ll pretend to like your gift, but he’ll never actually use it.Be mindful of this.

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Interrogate His Friends

Yo, when worse comes to worse, you can always badger his friend about what your BF might want. They might have some insight than you, which doesn’t mean that you don’t really know him, but maybe he doesn’t always talk to you about every little thing he’s interested in. Just promise them not to tell your BF. Make them pink swear if you need to. We all know you can't break a pinky swear.

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Identify Something He Needs That He Might Not Give Much Thought To

You know how I said my boyfriend bought me a suitcase after noticing me struggle with my duffle bags? Consider what your boyfriend needs that he might not exactly know he needs. Does he have a pair of shoes that are so busted that he could really use some new ones? Is he always shielding his eyes from the sun but never bothers to buy sunglasses? Do his headphones look like they’ve gone through a garbage disposal? A gift that solves a problem that he deals with but you see him struggling with will not only be useful, but show you actually care about him and notice his needs.


Don't Exclude Experiences

You don’t always have to go for things that are tangible. Is there a band your BF is really into? A quick Google search will let you know if they’re on tour or if tickets are available. Does your BF love Mexican food like crazy? Treat him to dinner at the best Mexican place in town (food is always a good gift). Experiences can be more special and make more lasting memories than anything you buy in a store.


Play It Safe And Go With What He Already Has A Lot Of

This is definitely useful if you’re in the early stages of a relationship, and you can’t go wrong. Does your BF wear a lot of sweatshirts? Cop a sweatshirt. Does he own a lot of vinyl records? Give him a record that he doesn’t have yet (Urban Outfitters has loads of them if you want to grab one IRL). Just add something new to his collection, and you’re good to go. Of course, this method can get a little boring after a few more birthdays and a few more holiday seasons, but it is still fail proof.

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What are you thinking about giving to your BF as a holiday gift? Tell us in the comments!

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