7 Helpful Tips For Buying Your First Sex Toy

As you know, we looooove talking about masturbation here at Gurl. It’s a good way to get to explore your body and get to know a little bit more about yourself, which is pretty important, IMO. But, sometimes, you want to switch it up a bit and try something new. You’ve already done all those crazy masturbation positions, and even those are starting to feel too routine, so… now what? Well, I have an answer: sex toys. You’ve heard about them, but maybe you’ve been a little too nervous to actually go out and buy one, or you don’t know which one to actually get. Well, you’ve come to the right place to figure out exactly which sex toy you should buy. 

Sex toys aren’t just for sex with a partner, despite what the name might make you think. They’re ideal for solo play! Sex toys are a fun and pretty cheap way to spice up your “you time.” Recently, user ggunnels92 came to our boards to get a little advice about buying her first sex toy. She said,  “I am about to turn eighteen and I plan to buy my first sex toy, but I have no clue what to get. Does anyone have any suggestions for me??” If you, like ggunnels92, want to buy a sex toy but don’t really know where to start, don’t panic. There are a lot of options, but you want to be sure to get one that’s right for you. Check out some suggestions from some of our girls on what kind of sex toy to buy if you’re a newbie.

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  • Ginger Segreti

    Beginner sex toys can be overwhelming and also fun! Be careful with the cheaper ones – they aren’t the best quality and can leech dangerous stuff into your naughty bits. The Hitachi is a great quality product. Look for body safe in the description and check out bloggers like http://dangerouslilly.com/toxictoys/ she posts great info on toys to stay away from! If you want more information, I’m hosting a free webinar on choosing the right vibrator for you. http://gingerstips.com/ Sigh up today to learn more!