16 Things That Will Actually Make You Feel Motivated To Study

Studying is, unfortunately, a major part of being a studentm, and thus, growing up. We can complain about it all we want, but it will still be there as an unpleasant task we need to get through. Look, I get it! School days are tough, and after eight hours of learning and doing work and taking notes, the last thing you want to do is more of that at home. As a student, I found every excuse for not studying, and believe it or not, it wasn’t helpful! I had days where I felt motivated and inspired, but I had more days where I just couldn’t get myself into it no matter how hard I tried (which, to be honest, usually wasn’t very much). Feeling motivated to study is a huge problem for most people, but if we had that push, our lives would be a lot easier. So how do you get yourself to feel motivated?

Tricking yourself into feeling like you want to study can be done, it just takes a little bit of effort. But trust me: studying because you feel inspired is a lot better than studying because you feel like you have to. I know this is going to sound cliche and eyeroll-worthy, but don’t go into this with a negative attitude. You’ll never accomplish anything when you’re already convinced you will fail! Try to be a little bit more positive and hopeful, and things will be more in your favor. With that said, here are some things that will actually mkae you feel motivated to study. Good luck out there!

1. Light candles and set up a relaxing environment.

It’s hard to feel inspired to work in a crappy area. Sitting in a loud room or at your kitchen table can feel awkward, while studying in bed can make it to easy to get a little too relaxed. Instead, set up an area just for studying, and make sure it feels cozy, relaxed, and stress free. A desk is ideal. Light some candles, put some plants or succulents there, and make it feel soothing so that you want a reason to sit there.

2. Use cute school supplies.

Similarly, using supplies that are aesthetically pleasing can actually have a positive effect. It might sound lame, but it’s true! You’re more likely to want to use your bright gel pens or your cute highlighters or patterned safety pins than anything boring and old. Stock up on some cute stationary items and add them to your relaxing environment.

3. Stay organized.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I personally can’t get my work done if I don’t feel organized. If your relaxing area is messy, clean it up before you sit down and make sure everything is in order. Write out a to-do list so you know exactly what needs to get done. Keep your school stuff all in one place. Work at being organized all the time so it makes studying a little bit easier.

4. Schedule your study time.

It’s easier to convince yourself to study when you write it down as if it were a planned event you need to remember. I find scheduled study time to be more motivational because it feels more necessary when it’s written down for some reason. Don’t just write “study” on a to-do list. Actually put it on a calendar with a specific time and place.

5. Look at your past test scores.

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Need a reason to study? Take a look at what you’ve done with the class so far. If you see some bad or below average grades, it might inspire you to crack open a book. Seeing a good grade might make you feel competitive with yourself.

6. Exercise first.

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I know it sounds weird to do something else before studying, but exercise can really help. I personally find exercise to be very inspiring. After a workout, I feel motivated to get shit DONE. It makes you energized and happy. You don’t need to do anything crazy – even 20 minutes of walking or doing yoga can be helpful.

7. Get out of the house.

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Sometimes studying at home gets boring, even if you’re using your relaxing designated study area. In that case, try going outside of the house. Go to a public library if it’s cold out, or if it’s nice, grab a blanket and sit outside. A new environment can be motivational!

8. Set up some treats.

Before you sit down to study, grab some snacks. Food isn’t exactly motivation, but it does help create a more relaxing, happy environment that makes it easier to get things done. If you want, do a little rewards system – give yourself a piece of a snack every time you finish a small task.

9. Make a list of the positive things that can happen from studying.

Need a reason to get your work done? Write down all of the good things that could happen from even a fast study session to remind yourself of why you want to do it in the first place. It sounds lame, but seeing it down on paper really can be helpful.

10. Set goals with rewards.

A rewards system is a really great way to make yourself want to study. Set up some goals, and if you achieve them, give yourself a reward. It can be something small, like buying ice cream if you study for one hour, or watching a new TV show episode if you finish a certain amount of work. You should make both small and large goals, with larger ones being something like buying a new piece of clothing if you get a certain test grade.

11.  Drink some coffee or tea.

Sitting down with a hot cup of coffee or herbal tea can be so relaxing and weirdly motivational. Get cozy in your spot, sip your drink, and feel inspired to get work done.

12. Give yourself breaks.

Instead of going into your study session looking froward to the end of it, look forward to the breaks during it. Work for 25 minutes, then give yourself a five minute break. It really helps!

13. Look at things you find inspiring.

What inspires you? It’s different for everyone! Figure out what motivates you the most, whether it’s an inspirational quote, a photo of someone you admire, or thinking about your favorite book… and use it. Look at Tumblr blogs that feature pretty school notes. Go through the #quotes tag on Instagram. Doesn’t matter what it is, if it makes you feel inspired, it works!

14. Hold yourself accountable by telling someone your plan.

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Tell someone your study plan before you start to hold yourself accountable. If you can, ask them to ask about it later on. You’ll want to get something done instead of telling them you actually didn’t do anything at all.

15. Put on the right music.

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Some people find music distracting. If you do, then obviously don’t listen to it. But sometimes the right music can be really helpful. Spotify has lots of focus playlists. Find what works for you!

16. Get a pep talk. 

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Give yourself a pep talk! Or have someone do it for you, like your parents or bae or friend. If none of that works, look one up on YouTube. You can do this!

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